A bank that’s a perfect fit for your life

Free payments, cards that come with purchase insurance, an easy-to-use app and an extensive cash network are just some of the benefits we offer our clients. We’ve divided our everyday banking services into three plans, one of which is sure to meet your needs.

Väikerahn – Cover all your basic needs without having to pay any fees!
Rahn – The ideal choice for everyday banking!
Rändrahn – Unlimited banking!

Choose the plan that will best meet your needs and let us surprise you.

Comparison of banking plans

Child’s account

  • Open an account in just a few minutes
  • Can be used straight away
  • Free payments
  • Kids get their own bankcard from the age of 6
  • Use our Children’s Deposit to cover the costs of your child starting out in life on their own
  • No monthly fee
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Golden years

As part of our Rahn plan, clients aged 55 and over bank with us free of charge!

  • Free payments
  • A free debit card with purchase insurance
  • A useful Coop client card
  • An extensive and convenient cash network
  • Discounts from our partners
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  • Open an account free of charge
  • Documents reviewed for a fee of €150
  • A monthly fee based on the price list of the selected plan
  • You can open an account at any branch. Find your nearest branch here
  • To open an account, bring personal ID with you (i.e. your passport, residence permit or ID card)
  • E-residency alone isn’t a sufficient basis for opening an account for an individual: they need to have a strong link to Estonia
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Ukrainian citizens

  • Open an account free of charge
  • Documents reviewed free of charge
  • You can open an account at any branch. Find your nearest branch here
  • To open an account, bring personal ID with you (i.e. your Ukrainian internal passport, Ukrainian passport for foreign travel, ID card, Estonian residence permit card or driver’s licence with a printout of the temporary protection decision issued in regard to you)
  • Since 1 January 2024, the Rahn plan has also been subject to fees for clients who joined Coop Pank prior to 2023. Rahn plan monthly fee: €2.49
  • For those who became Coop Pank clients in 2023 or later, a 12-month discount period applies from the date of joining. Rahn plan monthly fee: €0
  • Since 1 February 2024, foreign payments to Ukraine have been subject to fees in accordance with our price list
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A bank in your pocket

With our mobile app you can keep an eye on your money matters and do all your daily banking. And all right there in your pocket, from quick payments to saving without even realising you’re doing it! Try it for yourself.

Travel insurance with monthly payments

You don’t necessarily have to have a credit card to enjoy permanent travel insurance: you simply need to open an account in Coop Pank. You can sign up for 12-month cover as part of your banking plan.

The travel insurance extends to any family members travelling with you, too!

Monthly payment: €8.90

Coop Pank’s payback

Each month, one lucky client gets everything they spent the previous month paid back to them. And if you transfer your salary payments to your Coop account, we’ll pay double! Everyone who performs at least five transactions a month with one of our cards is entered in the draw.