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5 ways to make the most of the biggest cash network

Although most people don’t need cash on a daily basis, it’s sometimes still necessary.

A situation like this can often arise in the most unexpected and urgent moment. And that’s often also the moment when there is a long, slowly moving queue in front of the ATM. Also, in a rural area, there may be no ATMs at all, as not a single bank has set one up. The clients of Coop Pank don’t have to worry about the availability of cash – all clients can use the largest cash network in Estonia and abroad.

Choose the first ATM you see
ATMs are certainly not a problem in urban areas. Almost every major shopping centre has the ATMs of all the banks, often standing neatly next to each other. Coop Pank doesn’t have its own ATMs, as you can withdraw money with your debit card from any bank’s ATM, irrespective of its colour or location. This way, our clients don’t have to waste time looking for the right ATM or standing in long queues. Choose the nearest ATM and withdraw your cash for free, with no service fee added.

Withdraw cash at a store
Finding an ATM in a city is not difficult, but in rural areas you may have to travel tens of kilometres to get cash. And when people drive to an ATM, they take out a larger amount to have some spare cash when needed. However, keeping large amounts of cash is not particularly safe. We’ve solved this problem through Coop stores, where the clients of our bank can withdraw cash free of charge from the store’s checkout. Coop has more than 300 stores across Estonia, and most of them are located in smaller settlements. This way, you can withdraw money from your local shop as soon as you need it.

You don’t have to drive to a branch to deposit cash
A unique service provided only to the clients of Coop Pank is depositing cash at the checkouts of Coop stores. When we launched the cash withdrawal service in Coop stores, our clients confirmed to us that the service has been very well received and that the option to deposit cash would also be very welcome. This is how we started offering the option to pay cash into your account in nearly 300 Coop stores. If the bank’s branch is located far away or closed at the same time when the working day ends, and there is no cash deposit terminal nearby, the option to deposit cash into your account at a store checkout solves this problem.

Only pack your bank card when you go travelling
We have a solution for people who value their time and want to get the things done as quickly and easily as possible when travelling: the Rändrahn plan. A very big advantage of the plan is that you no longer have to spend time looking for a suitable ATM or worry about how much it’ll cost to withdraw cash. The monthly fee of the package includes cash withdrawals from any ATM of any bank in Estonia and abroad at no extra charge. There is also no conversion fee for foreign currency transactions.

Easy to use everywhere and for everyone – always
Using an ATM is very easy. Each ATM comes with instructions on how to withdraw money. Withdrawing cash from a store checkout is just as easy: the client tells the checkout operator the amount they want to withdraw, enters their bankcard in the payment terminal and confirms the amount with their PIN. The operator will give you that amount of cash from the till and it will be withdrawn from your bank account. Similarly, making a deposit at the checkout in a store is no different. The checkout operator is an experienced, trustworthy person who deals with cash on a daily basis and will help you complete the whole transaction quickly and safely. The client hands the cash to the salesperson, inserts their bank card into the payment terminal and confirms the amount by entering their PIN. The salesperson gives the client a receipt that confirms the payment. The money arrives in the client’s account instantly and can be used immediately. This is a good opportunity for both individuals and businesses.


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