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Transport of money

Although ever more card payment options are being created, cash is unlikely to disappear for a long time to come yet.

Transport of money is sufficiently risky and time-consuming, as a result of which we recommend entrusting it to a professional service provider. Coop Pank’s partner G4S Eesti AS provides the services of transporting cash, inspecting it for genuineness and transferring it into a settlement account as well as other cash processing solutions across Estonia.

G4S has three cash processing centres – in Tallinn, Tartu and Jõhvi – where almost a billion euros is processed. Nearly 250 people are engaged in the transport and processing of cash at G4S. G4S serves over 750 automated teller machines, 90 bank branches and over 450 economic operators which are legal entities.

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Further information

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Money received from the clients is counted, its accuracy verified and transferred onto client's account.

In case if the amount indicated on the delivery note by the client does not match the G4S cashier's note, an excess or deficit statement, which will be sent to the client by e-mail, will be formalized accordingly.

When ordering exchange money, cash processing involves the collection of money and packaging in the security package.

Cash is transported from client points to the cash processing centres of G4S, where it is counted and checked, inspected and transferred into the client’s account.

Description of the service

  • The place of departure for the transport money, or client point, is located in Estonia.
  • The place of delivery for the transport money is the client’s account at Coop Pank.
  • The service is provided on all days of the week (during service hours agreed previously).
  • The cash in the shipment is counted and checked, and banknotes are inspected for being genuine.
  • Funds are transferred into the client’s bank account by 5 p.m. on the banking day following the transport of money.

Transport of funds debited against the client’s account to a client point (e.g. shops wishing to receive the right quantity of money for change to start the following day).

Description of the service

  • The place of departure for the transport money is the client’s account at Coop Pank.
  • The place of delivery for the shipment of money is the client point specified in the order (transport provided within Estonia).
  • The service is provided based on the client’s order on each occasion. An order for the transport of money has to be submitted by 4 p.m. at the latest one banking day before the completion of the order. The client ensures that the equivalent of the amount of money ordered is available in their settlement account at the time of the submission of the order.
  • A money transport order is completed at the same time as the vehicular removal of money (if the client has also ordered the relevant service from G4S) or at a time agreed previously.
  • The client has the option of ordering money as banknotes in sets of 100 and coins in coin wrappers.