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Now in Coop stores customers with Coop Pank cards can benefit from even better deals

Starting Tuesday, in its stores the largest Estonian retail chain Coop offers even better prices and a more profitable bonus points system to private customers who use Coop Pank cards.

Since Tuesday, November 5, 2019, Coop retail chain, which has more than 300 stores in Estonia, offers Coop Pank customers the discounts that were previously available only to users of Säästukaart Pluss loyalty card with a payment function. Coop Pank cardholders will also earn 10% more Coop bonus points than regular Säästukaart users. 

The discount is calculated at the cash register for private customers paying with a Coop Pank debit cards. In such a case, you do not longer need to carry the Säästukaart card with you. Every week, Coop Pank customers can purchase over 100 products from various categories at the best prices. This week, for example, the best priced products in total provide a price gain of 43 euros compared to prices for ordinary Säästukaart holders.

Head of daily banking at Coop Pank, Teet Kerem, said that additional benefits are available to everyone. To use them you just need to open a current account in Coop Pank and pay in store with a Coop Pank card. “A current account can be opened quickly and easily on the website of Coop Pank. After that, the bank will send the card to the client by mail,” Kerem explained.

According to the head of Coop Eesti Central Union Alo Ivask, along with the best discounts, the program gives all Coop customers an additional reason to become Coop Pank clients, too. “In 2017, Coop acquired the bank in order to provide customers with additional benefits through a combination of banking and retail. Coop’s DNA is programmed to maintain and develop life in every corner of Estonia. It is on the basis of this principle that our unions were founded more than 100 years ago, and why they operate to this day,” Ivask said.