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Small loan FAQ


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Applications are open to anyone aged 18 or older who is an Estonian citizen, a foreign citizen who has the right to reside in Estonia or a foreign citizen residing in Estonia on the basis of a valid residence permit. The applicant’s monthly income must be at least €400 and they must not be older than 75 at the end of the repayment period. The applicant must also have a reliable borrowing history.

No – you can make your monthly repayments from your account in the bank you normally bank with. You can work out the amount you can apply to borrow using our small loan calculator.

Anything you like! Pay for a holiday with it, or home renovations, or household appliances, or your studies. You can even use a small loan to cover unexpected costs.

We need statements covering the last six months for every bank account you have. It’s best to submit these at the same time as your application by logging in to

The APR indicates how much a loan will cost you over a one-year period. It’s given as a percentage: the lower the %, the more affordable the loan. The APR is calculated according to a formula used throughout the EU. This formula takes into account all of the unavoidable costs involved in issuing a loan. For more information, see: The APR and how it is calculated | Coop Pank.

As a rule, we transfer the loan amount to you on the working day after you sign your contract, once we’ve confirmed your identity (if needed). Depending on your bank, the money will appear in your account on the same working day as or the working day after we’ve transferred it.

If a loan you’ve already taken out doesn’t prove to be enough, you can always apply for another loan. You can submit a new application online at Unfortunately, increasing the amount of a loan that’s already been issued isn’t possible. You must have made at least three repayments on your existing small loan before you can submit a new application.

Small loan insurance is a good way of mitigating risks. It will help you if you:

  • are no longer able to work due to an accident or illness;
  • lose your job; or
  • are temporarily absent from work because of you or your child being unwell.

In the event of the borrower’s death, the insurance will cover the repayment of the balance of the loan to the lender so that this obligation doesn’t transfer to their heirs.Our small loan insurance is offered by If Kindlustus.

You can use to manage and, if necessary, amend your contracts. The self-service site allows you to:

  • submit applications and enter into contracts;
  • view your existing contracts and repayment schedules;
  • repay your loan in full or in part;
  • change your repayment date;
  • view your e-invoices and the payments you’ve made on your contract;
  • amend your contact details; and
  • amend your consent.

Repaying your loan ahead of time is free of charge. Simply log in to our self-service site at:

Make sure you repay the balance of your loan in the right amount and at the right time – otherwise your contract will remain valid.

No – we only offer small loans to private borrowers.