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What does the change in the name of the bank imply for the client?

The change in the name of the bank will not result in any changes for the client

We hope that the bank’s new strategy, which includes a change in its name, will provide clients with a better and more convenient option for using banking services. The change in the name is the beginning of the transformation of the entire client experience and product offer. We are bank that is growing gradually. In the first step, there will be new payment settlement plans and a new debit card for clients. In addition, the channels of the bank – both its network of branches and its e-channels – are changing. We are launching a new Internet bank and a new mobile bank. Next spring, the option of withdrawing cash from all Coop cash registers will be added. There are plans to update the credit card etc.

As the name of the bank changes, the bank details of the client will not change

The client’s account number or agreement numbers will not change as a result of the change in the name of the bank.

As the name of the bank changes, any existing agreements will remain valid on the same terms and conditions!

For clients, their existing agreements will remain valid. With the launch of Coop Pank on the market, the business name is being changed, but the party to the agreement is not changing. Coop Pank will continue to provide all the services provided under Krediidipank’s agreements unless there is information that the provision of a service is being terminated.

Existing agreements do not need to be re-drafted

For clients and collaboration partners, the change in the business name will result in no additional obligations. When the business name changes, there is no need to modify any existing agreements, and collaboration will continue on the same bases.

All the debit and credit cards will remain valid

All the existing debit and credit cards of the bank will remain valid until their expiry. If the client wishes, they can replace their existing Krediidipank card with a new Coop Pank card for free.

No need for notification about change in the name of the bank

The client does not have to notify the change in the name of the bank to their employer or to the Social Insurance Board.


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