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Coop Pank now offers a free interface with accounting software

Coop Pank offers businesses a convenient free Gateway channel, which allows them to link accounting software with banking services.

According to Erje Mettas, head of day-to-day business banking at Coop Pank, the Gateway solution significantly saves the accountant’s time: it can automatically transfer payment orders to the internet bank, and information about banking transactions is reflected in the accounting program in real time.

You can join Coop Pank Gateway using the most common accounting programs in Estonia. Joining via the interface program is free and there is no monthly fee for the service. The six largest financial software operators on the Estonian market already have an interface with Coop Pank Gateway. These are Merit Tarkvara AS (along with Merit Palk and Merit Aktiva programs), TT Tarkvara OÜ (Rapid), Directo OÜ (Directo), Excellent Business Solutions Eesti AS (Standard Books), Tarkvaralabor OÜ (Korto), Vallaste ja Partnerid OÜ (Joosep). It is also planned to add new partners to the service.

For those who connect to the Coop Pank Gateway software, all services are free of charge. From the accounting program you can send up to 5000 payment orders simultaneously. No commissions are added, as payments in euros are free of charge in the Coop Pank’s Business Plan.

Coop Pank Gateway is very easy to use. While in other banks the request to use a similar system can usually only be submitted by a member of the board or a person authorized to do so, an accountant or other employee of the company can easily apply to connect to Coop Pank Gateway. After that, a member of the board will only have to sign the contract. Over 300 businesses have already joined Coop Pank Gateway.

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