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Enjoy limitless banking that earns You money!

Join now and try Rändrahn without the monthly fee until the end of the year. Discount code RAHATIKSUB

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Earn interest on the funds in Your account

Earn 1% interest per year on the money in Your current account with the Rändrahn banking plan. Interest rates elsewhere are 0.01%.

Withdraw cash from ATMs anywhere in the world free of charge

The Rändrahn plan enables free cash withdrawals from ATMs anywhere in the world.

Automatically secure all purchases

Just pay for Your purchase using Your Coop Pank debit or credit card and Your purchase will automatically be covered for 180 days.

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Rändrahn is the best choice if You travel more than the average person and want to earn interest on the funds in Your account. However, we also offer the Rahn and Väikerahn banking plans to make sure all clients can find the best solution for managing their day-to-day finances. Allow Yourself to be positively surprised and take a look at our banking plans.

Find the best solution for you. Use the discount code when choosing the right banking plan: RAHATIKSUB