The largest cash network

Coop Sula

Banking with us, you enjoy access to the largest cash network in Estonia. Join our Rahn or Rändrahn plan and you can use your card to withdraw cash from your nearest ATM – whichever bank it belongs to. You can also deposit and withdraw cash free of charge at the checkouts in Coop stores. You read that right: the registers in all 330 of our stores around Estonia act just like ATMs!

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How does Coop Sula work?

Here in Coop Pank we dare to do things a little differently. We bring our services to you so as to meet your everyday banking needs and let you do everything you need to, wherever you happen to be.

Cash withdrawals and deposits at our store registers are standalone, entirely secure transactions you can perform without having to buy anything from the store.

You can deposit up to €1000 a day in your account in our stores, and withdraw up to €1000 a day without making any purchases.

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