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Coop Säästukaart Pluss

Coop Säästukaart Pluss is a loyalty card that ensures you get the best prices in Coop stores. If you pay for your shopping with Coop Säästukaart Pluss, you can use a monthly credit. You will pay for your shopping next month on the basis of an e-invoice similarly to mobile phone or electricity bills. It’s as simple as that!

See how much you save
400 3 level

10 € 1000 €



The calculation is approximate. The more you buy each month, the more bonus money you earn.

from stores
40 days
10% more

Always on the plus side!

If you use Coop Säästukaart Pluss to pay for your purchases, you receive 10% more bonus points in addition to the biggest discounts.


You no longer have to look for an ATM or visit a bank branch to withdraw money – you can do it while paying for your purchases in Coop stores.

Change limit at any time

You can change your card limits conveniently in the Internet Bank or Mobile Bank. It only takes a few seconds and this way, you can even adjust the limit at the cash register before paying for your purchases.

Up to 40 days interest-free payments

Decide when to repay the used purchase limit and how much to repay. The interest-free period is 40 days. You can make additional payments to the card and thus increase the amount used for payment.

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  • Up to €800 credit limit
  • Interest-free period 40 days (except for cash withdrawals). Interest of 19.9% is calculated on the used limit.
  • Monthly card maintenance fee €0.95
  • The applicant must be at least 18 years old and an Estonian citizen or holder of a residence permit
  • Monthly income of at least €300
  • Excellent prior credit record
  • You can add an unlimited number of additional cards. There are no age restrictions on additional cards.

Applications can be submitted online and at Coop Pank branches.

You can sign the agreement digitally with an ID card, Smart ID or Mobile ID or at your nearest Coop Pank office.

You can view your agreement details here.

The card will be sent to your contact address.

The card can be activated in the Mobile Bank and the Internet Bank or via a text message. Send a text containing the last four numbers of your card (e.g. 1234) to 13014 and your card will be ready to use. We will send you the PIN via a text message, which we ask you to immediately change in the Internet Bank.

The best prices are guaranteed if you pay with Coop Säästukaart Pluss. Choose the suitable products and tell the cashier at the till that you wish to pay with Coop Säästukaart Pluss or choose Säästukaart Pluss as the method of payment at the self-checkout. You need to enter your PIN to confirm the purchase.

As a Coop Säästukaart Pluss customer, you do not need to look for an ATM or go to a bank branch to withdraw cash, as you can withdraw the required amount at our stores. The cashback service is available in all 330 Coop stores. Find your nearest Coop store.

You do not need to make a purchase in order to withdraw cash: just tell the cashier that you wish to withdraw cash with Coop Säästukaart Pluss.

The fees associated with cash withdrawal are listed in the price list.

How can I earn bonus points?
You can earn bonus points on the purchases made in Coop stores. The bonus programme consists of several stages – the bigger the purchases you make, the more points you earn on every euro spent. The levels are calculated on a monthly basis.

How can I use my bonus points?
You can use your bonus points to pay for purchases in Coop stores. Bonus points are recalculated into euros (1000 points = 1 euro).

Should you wish, you can return the used amount over a longer period of time and you can choose the size of the instalments yourself. This makes planning larger purchases simple and convenient.

We will issue an e-invoice each month, which you can find in your bank’s Internet Bank. In order to make payment convenient, it is recommended to enter into an e-invoice standing order agreement.

The payment card comes with a prepayment option. Make sure to use your unique reference number when making contributions to your limit account. The recipient of the payment is Coop Finants AS and the account number is EE584204278605960726. The unique reference number is given in the agreement or on the e-invoice.

Keep the card’s PIN to yourself. If the card is lost or stolen, immediately block the card in the Internet Bank or call 669 0966. It is recommended to change your PIN every once in a while for security reasons. This can be done conveniently in the Internet Bank.

The bank should also be notified if you are not certain that the card is missing, as it can be temporarily blocked.

If an instalment is not paid by the due date, we will send you a payment reminder via text message. The costs arising from delayed payments and default interest are calculated on the basis of the price list. If you experience long-term problems with making payments, we recommend that you contact the bank to find a suitable solution.

The initial annual percentage rate is 21.33% under the following example conditions:
credit limit €800, fixed interest 19.9% per year, card issuing fee €0, monthly card maintenance fee €0.95, monthly repayment 100%..

The rate is calculated assuming that the credit limit is used at the earliest opportunity and in the maximum amount, that the payment obligation is fulfilled in full on the due date and that in the future, credit is used and repayments are made within one year.