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Special offer on home loans!

Setting up your own home is now even easier with a home loan from Coop Pank:
● Interest rate starting from 1.6%
● Agreement fee €0
● Cost of valuation reimbursed

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Home loan

Getting the home of your dreams is easy with a home loan from Coop Pank. There is no difference whether you need money to build a house, buy an apartment or renovate your home.


Downpayment from 0%. Choose vehicle you desire and fill in the leasing application online, in a bank branch, or at the vehicle dealership. We will make sure to respond with an offer quickly!

Teacher’s home loan

The interest rate on a teacher’s home loan starts at just 1.6% + 6-month EURIBOR. If you apply before 31 May 2024, the bank’s margin will be 0% for the first year and you will only have to pay the 6-month EURIBOR.

Coop Pank’s payback

The prize draw is open to all private clients who use their debit or credit card to make at least five card transactions in one month.

Become a client of Coop Pank

  • The freedom to choose
    We give you the freedom to choose. If you don’t use our services in some months, you won’t have to pay the monthly fee either.
  • Simple Internet and mobile bank
    Our convenient Internet and mobile bank allow you to keep an eye on your finances wherever you are.
  • The biggest cash network
    You can withdraw cash free of charge with a Coop Pank card from all ATMs all over the world. You can also withdraw and deposit cash free of charge at Coop stores.
"Life is prospering"

Coop Pank brings bank services to all Coop stores across Estonia. This ensures that we are always there for you to make your life convenient, regardless of where you live.

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Coop Pank adopts biometric authentication

Coop Pank clients can now log in to the Internet bank or mobile app and confirm payments using biometric data in the form of a fingerprint or facial recognition.