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Cash Drawer

The Cash Drawer is a smart, worry-free way of moving towards your goals. Whether it’s the trip of a lifetime you’re dreaming of or a nest egg you’re planning, the Cash Drawer is an easy way to save and make your money grow.​
You can now collect money for the new deposit with both automatic collection methods and transfers. You can configure the collection solutions exactly according to your preferences.​

Open the Cash Drawer in our app and start shoring up your future with every payment today!

Savings grow in the Cash Drawer

We pay 2% interest on the funds you amass in the Cash Drawer, making it a very smart way to save – because you earn that monthly interest on top of the money you’ve put aside.

Saving made easy

You have complete freedom of choice when it comes to how you save in the Cash Drawer. You can have transactions rounded up to the nearest euro, or have a fixed amount transferred to your deposit from every payment. You can also set up standing orders and make one-off contributions.​

Use your money whenever you like

The savings in your Cash Drawer are accessible at any time. If you need to, you can have them transferred to your ordinary account at no charge for you to use the very next day. Conversely, if you’ve hit your original target but your goals have changed in the meantime, you can simply carry on saving.​

Open the Cash Drawer
  1. Log in to the Coop Pank app.
  2. Select ‘Saving’ and then ‘Cash Drawer’.
  3. Select the account and your preferred method of having money transferred to your deposit from transactions.
  4. Sign the agreement.
Start saving!
  1. Set up a regular transfer or make one-off payments.
  2. You can amend the objective of your Cash Drawer
  3. and the way you save whenever and as many times as you like.
  4. Start saving and watch your money grow!

The worry-free way to save!

To ensure a better future for yourself, you don’t need to keep a constant eye on the share markets or spend an inordinate amount of time organising your finances. As an Estonian bank, we offer the convenience and sense of security you need to be able to focus on the things you really enjoy in life!


The Cash Drawer is a deposit that offers a variety of ways to maximise your savings with a minimum of effort. You also earn interest on the money you save in the deposit, growing your nest egg even more.

You can set up automatic transfers and/or deposit money yourself in the following ways:

  • Round up payments with the difference being deposited in the Cash Drawer – For example, if you make a purchase of €4.60, you can pay €5.00 and have the leftover 40 cents transferred to the deposit.
  • Have a fixed amount deposited in the Cash Drawer from every purchase – If you don’t want to round up, you can choose a set amount yourself. For example, you can have 20 cents transferred to your deposit every time you perform a transaction from your current account.
  • Set up a standing order – You can choose a fixed amount to have transferred to the Cash Drawer, for example at the start of each week or month.
  • One-off deposits – If you’d like to add to your nest egg at any time, you can easily do so by making a direct transfer.

You can also choose how you make automatic payments into your deposit, with money being transferred from all transactions or, for example, only when you pay by card or from a combination of transactions and transfers that aren’t card payments. How you go about saving is completely flexible, and you can set it up (and change it) quickly and easily in our app. Payments into the Cash Drawer can also be made by third parties via a bank transfer on the basis of a payment order.

The savings in your deposit will earn 2% interest. We pay this out in accordance with our price list, which you can find here. In calculating interest we take as its basis the balance of the Cash Drawer at the end of each calendar day, the number of days the deposit has been maintained and the calendar year, which is considered to be 365 days. Interest is paid once a month. If the Cash Drawer agreement is terminated prior to the end of a month, no interest is paid for that month.

You can maintain your deposit for as long as you like.

Anyone from the age of 7 can get themselves a Cash Drawer deposit.

You can have your savings transferred to your account for use the next day free of charge. If you’d like to use the money straight away, you can do so for a fee of €5.00 (as set out in our price list).

You’ll find the standard terms and conditions of the Cash Drawer here.

Using the Internet bank and mobile bank is easy, it really is!

Keep an eye on your money matters wherever you are. Using the Internet bank and mobile bank of Coop Pank is really easy. Give it a try!