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Coop Sula

Coop Pank clearly has the best cash network in Estonia! If you choose the Rahn or Rändrahn plan, you can withdraw cash free of charge from the ATMs of all banks in Estonia. You can also make cash deposits and withdrawals at Coop stores completely free of charge if you have the Rahn or Rändrahn plan.

Coop Sula cash deposits

Want to deposit some cash?

It's possible in the closest store

Now you can!

Cash transactions in stores are more or less the same as at ATMs, only even easier – since you can do it at the same time as your shopping.

Free cash

Withdrawing and depositing cash in Coop stores is free of charge as part of the Rahn and Rändrahn packages. You can find more detailed conditions in the price list.

Largest cash network

With a Coop Pank card you can withdraw cash at any Coop store in Estonia. You can also deposit cash in your account at 300 stores.

Cash up to €1000

You can deposit up to €1000 in cash per day and withdraw up to €1000 (without purchases) at a time.

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  • Do I need to make a purchase at the store in order to deposit cash?
    No. Cash deposits are always a separate transaction and are not done at the same time as making a purchase. If you would also like to purchase something, the person serving you will perform two transactions – the cash deposit and the purchase transaction.
    Please note that if you want to transfer a large amount of coins to the account, the seller has the right to refuse if the operation interferes with the work of the store. In this case, we hope for your understanding.
  • What limits are there on cash deposits?
    The minimum deposit per transaction is €5. You can deposit up to €1000 per day and up to €2000 per month.
  • How will I know if I’ve exceeded the limit?
    The transaction will not be able to be performed. You can check the balance of your cash deposits via the Internet or Mobile Banks.
  • How soon will the amount I’ve deposited reach my account?
    Immediately, so you can start using it straight away.
  • How can I be sure the right amount is being added to my account?
    The person serving you will always count the cash being deposited in full view. The amount can also be seen on the card terminal screen, so make sure you check it before confirming the transaction with your PIN. The person serving you cannot see the balance of your account.
  • Can I make a deposit in another account, e.g. pay a bill?
    No. Cash can only be deposited in your own Coop Bank account.
  • Which stores offer cash withdrawal?
    Cash withdrawal is available at all 330 Coop stores in Estonia.
  • Does the person at the till see how much money I have in my account?
    The person at the till does not see how much money you have in your account. If you’re not certain and want to make sure that you have money in your account, we advise you to check your account balance before the transaction using our Mobile Bank.
  • Do I have to consider the limits on my card when I withdraw cash?
    There are two limits on a debit card: cash limit and payment limit. Cash withdrawal is issued at the expense of the cash limit and purchases are covered by the payment limit. Thus, it’s possible that you have enough money on the card, but the transaction is rejected by the bank because you have exceeded the relevant limit. You can change the card limits on the Internet and Mobile Bank, or at a branch of the bank.
  • Can cash withdrawal be taken with a contactless payment?
    You must always confirm cash withdrawal at Coop stores with your PIN. This is necessary for security purposes and to confirm the identity of the card user.
  • Will I get bonus points for using cash withdrawal as well?
    Cash withdrawal is separate from purchases and no bonus points are given for it.