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Credit card

More options and freedom

  • flexible repayment options – repayment of the limit drawn down may be distributed over a longer period
  • contactless payments – card payments in small amounts can be made quickly and conveniently

Credit card credit limit calculator



Further information

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  • an applicant for a card has to be at least 21 years of age and a citizen of the Republic of Estonia or have residence and work permit in Estonia
  • the net income of the person applying for a card has to be 450 euros per month or more and their payment behaviour to date has to have been appropriate
  • the amount of credit limit depends on incomes and existing obligations
  • the maximum credit limit is up to four times the net monthly income but not more than 5 000 euros
  • the cash limit on the card is up to 50% of the credit limit on the card
  • the card is issued for no fee and the card is valid for 2 years

To order a card, submit an application on the website, in the Internet bank or at the nearest branch. After the application has been received, a bank employee will make contact to agree a suitable method for concluding an agreement and receiving a card.

Interest on the credit limit drawn down has to be paid monthly. The payment date may range from the 1st day to the 20th day.

Repayment of the credit limit drawn down is flexible: the amount of the credit limit drawn down may be repaid at the time and in the amount that suit you. The bank is entitled to impose on an agreement the obligation of paying a minimum instalment.

All the Coop Pank bank cards have the contactless payment option. Using contactless payment, payments in smaller amounts may be made conveniently and quickly: payments under 25 euros may be made without entering the PIN code or inserting a card into the terminal. All you have to do is wave your card at the terminal.

Contactless payments are secure: from time to time, in the interests of security, the bank requests the confirmation of a transaction also in the case of smaller amounts.

Contactless payments may be made anywhere, both in Estonia and abroad; check whether the terminal is marked for contactless payment. The maximum amount permitted for a contactless payment may vary in different countries.

The option of making contactless payments may be turned off and on again via the internet bank or mobile bank.

If your bank card is lost or stolen, close your card immediately in the Internet or mobile bank or telephone +372 669 0966.

Let the bank know also if you are not sure that your card has been lost: your card can be blocked temporarily.

  • do not share the PIN code of your card with anyone: remember the PIN code and destroy the PIN envelope
  • when paying with your card, check the amount at the terminal before confirming the transaction
  • when paying with your card online, use reliable websites
  • if you detect transactions on your account statement that you have not effected or if a service provider is unknown to you, close your card and notify the bank about it immediately
  • if your bank card is lost or stolen, close your card immediately in the Internet or mobile bank or telephone +372 669 0966

The initial annual percentage rate of charge is 20.51% on the following sample terms: limit € 1000, fixed interest 18% per annum, card maintenance fee € 1 per month, total amount of credit € 2223 and total amount of repayments of € 2162.

The rate has been calculated on the assumption that the credit limit will be drawn down at the first opportunity and in full and that the credit limit will be repaid monthly in full in single payments in 12 consecutive months.

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