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Credit card

Credit card of Coop Pank is especially versatile!

With Coop credit card you can decide yourself whether you want to use it as payment by instalment and repay a fixed amount of the used limit every month, repay only a certain amount from the credit limit or repay the total credit limit drawn down in the previous month.

The response to your credit card application arrives immediately.

Monthly fee of 1 €

Submit application

Up to 40 days interest-free

In addition to card payments, the interest-free period applies to cash transactions and transfers from a card account.

Transfers from card account

You can make transfers from your credit card account to your current account in Coop Pank.

Flexible repayments

Make repayments as you see fit. You will always have the freedom to choose when and in what amount to pay off the balance. You can change the selected option at any time.

Coop Pank's cards include purchase insurance

We are the first bank in Estonia whose private customer cards include purchase insurance. Just always pay with our debit or credit card and all your bigger purchases are automatically insured for 180 days.

Banking plan travel insurance for monthly fee

As an additional possibility, clients of Rahn and Rändrahn banking plan can purchase an annual travel insurance for monthly fee of €5,49. Travel insurance protects you an your family everywhere in the world when travelling. Insurance coverage includes health care, baggage and travel disruption.

View your card’s PIN in the Internet bank

You can check your debit or credit card’s PIN in our Internet bank or Mobile bank as many times as you need.

More information

  • The card is valid for 3 years
  • The card is issued for no fee
  • The amount of credit limit depends on incomes and existing obligations
  • The maximum credit limit is up to four times the net monthly income but not more than 5000 euros

To order a card, submit an application on the website, in the Internet bank or at the nearest branch. After the application has been received, a bank employee will make contact to agree a suitable method for concluding an agreement and receiving a card.

Terms and conditions and price list.

Currency Conversion calculator (for MasterCard transactions)

Make repayments according to your needs. You can always quickly and conveniently change your choice in the Internet Bank.

1. Repay the total credit limit drawn down in the previous month
You are using the credit card without interest, as the entire credit limit drawn down in the previous month will automatically be debited from the current account tied to your card on the 10th day of each month.

2. Make repayments yourself
Choose when to pay back the credit limit you have drawn down and in what amount. You can choose the frequency and the amount of repayments. Only the interest accumulated for the credit limit you have drawn down will be debited from the current account tied to your card on the 10th day of each month. You can choose the repayment date of the used limit yourself. No interest is charged if the repayment is made before the 10th day of the month. The total credit limit drawn down must be repaid when the contract expires.

3. Repay a fixed amount every month
You can determine a specific amount to be debited from your current account linked to your account on the 10th day of each month. The monthly payment will not be charged automatically if you have not drawn down the credit limit or have already paid it back yourself. The repayment does not include interest. The interest accumulated for the credit limit you have drawn down will be debited from your current account on the 10th day of each month.

  • An applicant must be at least 18 years old and an Estonian citizen or a foreign national holder of a residence permit
  • The minimum net income has to be €350/per month.
  • Excellent credit record

All the Coop Pank bank cards have the contactless payment option. Using contactless payment, payments in smaller amounts may be made conveniently and quickly: payments under 50 euros may be made without entering the PIN code or inserting a card into the terminal. All you have to do is wave your card at the terminal.

Contactless payments are secure: from time to time, in the interests of security, the bank requests the confirmation of a transaction also in the case of smaller amounts.

Contactless payments may be made anywhere, both in Estonia and abroad; check whether the terminal is marked for contactless payment. The maximum amount permitted for a contactless payment may vary in different countries.

The option of making contactless payments may be turned off and on again via the internet bank or mobile bank.

  • Do not share the PIN code of your card with anyone: remember the PIN code and destroy the PIN envelope.
  • When paying with your card, check the amount at the terminal before confirming the transaction.
  • When paying with your card online, use reliable websites.
  • If you detect transactions on your account statement that you have not effected or if a service provider is unknown to you, close your card and notify the bank about it immediately.
  • If your bank card is lost or stolen, close your card immediately in the Internet or mobile bank or telephone +372 669 0966.
  • Let the bank know also if you are not sure that your card has been lost: your card can be blocked temporarily.

The initial annual percentage rate of charge is 20.51% on the following sample terms: limit €1000, fixed interest 18% per annum, card maintenance fee €1 per month, total amount of credit €2223 and total amount of repayments of €2162.

The rate has been calculated on the assumption that the credit limit will be drawn down at the first opportunity and in full and that the credit limit will be repaid monthly in full in single payments in 12 consecutive months.

What is purchase insurance?
Purchase insurance is 180-day insurance cover automatically applied to your larger purchases for which you have paid by a Coop Pank debit or credit card.

Which purchases are covered by purchase insurance?
Purchase insurance applies to every purchase of durable goods* made from a shop or online store that costs €100-2,500. The deductible per each insured event is €30.

* Durable goods are products designed for long-term use by the manufacturer: mobile phones, tablets and laptops, clothes, footwear, electric scooters, precious stones and metals, fur products, paintings, sculptures, etc. For example, used goods, food, motor vehicles, plants and animals are not durable goods. Please note that the maximum indemnity limit for certain goods (e.g. technical equipment) is €500. Read more about the terms and conditions of purchase insurance here.

Does purchase insurance also apply to goods purchased abroad or ordered from an online store?
Yes, just pay the purchase using your Coop Pank debit or credit card and your purchase will automatically be covered for 180 days.

What should I do in the case of an insured event?
As the purchase insurance partner of Coop Pank is IF P&C Insurance AS, please report the insured event* here so we can handle your claim faster. Just write the keyword “Coop” in the policy field.

* Insured event means the sudden and unforeseeable destruction, damage or theft of the insured product. Losing or forgetting a products is not deemed an insured event.

Do I have to keep the purchase receipt to receive compensation in the case of an insured event?
No, a statement from the Internet bank is enough to prove the purchase related to the insured event.

Read the terms and conditions of purchase insurance here.