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Deposit interests

Per year, effective from 01.04.2024

Term deposit

1-2 months2,25%0%
3-5 months3,75%0%
6-8 months3,75%0%
9-11 months3,75%0%
12-17 months3,50%0%
18-23 months3,00%0%
24-35 months2,50%0%
36-47 months2,00%0%
48-59 months2,00%0%
60-120 months2,00%0%


In the case of monthly interest payments, the interest rates are -0.05% lower.

The interest rates set out in the table apply to term deposits in the total amount of up to 500 000 euros per client. When depositing larger amounts, please call us on 669 0966 (8:30-19:00 Monday-Friday) or visit your nearest branch to agree on an interest rate.

Cash Drawer

  • 2,00% on daily basis

Children’s deposit

  • 4,00% on daily basis


From 1 January, 2018 the interest income from deposits of private individuals is taxable with income tax. This taxation is only applicable to private Estonian tax residents. The obligation to tax extends also to those agreements that were concluded before 1 January, 2018, but interests of which will be paid in 2018 or later.

Savings deposit

6-8 months0,70%
9-11 months0,90%
12-17 months1,30%
18-23 months1,80%
24 months2,00%

No new Savings Deposits will be entered into as of 28 June 2023.