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Attention! Coop Pank warns of scam calls made in the bank's name.

Countries for which settlements are limited

Due to international sanctions and legal requirements the bank usually does not perform transactions with the countries listed below. Marked with an asterisk are the countries with which no transactions can be performed due to extensive international sanctions.

Afghanistan Malaysia
Algeria Mali
American Samoa Morocco
United Arab Emirates Mauritania
The Bahamas Nigeria
Bahrain Niger
Bangladesh Oman
Botswana Pakistan
Burkina Faso Palestine
North-Korea* Panama
Egypt Puerto Rico
Ethiopia Samoa
Ghana Saudi Arabia
Guam Somalia
Indonesia Sri Lanka
Iran * Sudan
Iraq Syria
Yemen Trinidad and Tobago
Jordan Tunisia
Cambodia Turkey
Qatar UK Virgin Islands
Cuba * US Virgin Islands
Kuwait Uzbekistan
Lebanon * Yemen
Libya *  
* Countries for which the bank does not make any payments.