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Info  Dear client, In order to protect yourself against scammers it is important you think about what you are being asked to confirm with your PIN and that you never share your PIN with others. Bear in mind that you never need to enter PIN2 when logging in to the Internet bank and that the bank will never ask you for it over the phone or by e-mail.

Coop Pank’s payback

Our payback is always positive! Now is the right time to pay for purchases with your Coop bank card, because every month we will pay one client back all of the money they spent over the month.

The prize draw is open to all private clients who use their debit or credit card to make at least five card transactions in one month. We will pay the money back for all of the transactions made on the current account.

Read the terms and conditions of the campaign here.

Why pay with a Coop bank card?

Purchase insurance

Did you drop your phone? Or perhaps sat on your glasses? All of our private client bank cards come with free purchase insurance. The insurance is automatically applied for 180 days to all durable goods paid for using a Coop Pank debit or credit card.

Large cash network

Our bank cards enable you to withdraw money without an extra fee from all ATMs in Estonia and Coop store checkouts. With the Rahn plan, cash transactions are also free of charge in European ATMs and the Rändrahn plan enables you to withdraw money without a service fee all over the world.

One card, endless opportunities

Pay with your Coop bank card for the best prices in all Coop stores. Additionally, you will receive 10% more bonus points. You can also use your Coop bank card to receive discounts at Alexela petrol stations by simply and conveniently registering it as the Alexela Home Card.

Travel insurance

We are the only bank in Estonia to offer travel insurance with monthly payment – you can pay for the insurance in small instalments and do not have to worry about extra costs when planning your trip. The travel insurance is valid for one year and also covers the possible travel interruption, lost baggage or medical costs of the family members travelling with you.

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