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Pay nothing and drive away!

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€146 per month
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€196 per month
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€197 per month
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€205 per month
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€224 per month
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€261 per month
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€340 per month
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€469 per month
You choose

Choose whichever model best suits you. The monthly fees for new Toyotas apply to Coop Liising clients.

We make an offer

Fill in the application form. You will get your brand new car with a 0% downpayment and no contract fees. For additional information write to

Amserv works out the details

Choose any optional extras. Amserv will have all the information you need about optional extras, colours and delivery times.

Further information

Photos are illustrative. The provisional annual percentage rate of charge is 2,95% on the following sample terms: price of asset inclusive of value-added tax €19 200, loan term 5 years, number of repayments 60, downpayment 0%, agreement fee €0, interest 6 months’ EURIBOR + margin 2,9% per annum (as at 12 September 2019, the 6 months’ EURIBOR was -0.408% per annum; in the case of a negative EURIBOR, the value of EURIBOR is considered to be 0; EURIBOR may change every 6 months), leasing amount €16 000.00, last payment 45% of the acquisition cost, total cost of credit €12 275,33 and total of repayments €12 275,33.
The rate is calculated on the assumption that the principal and interest will be repaid in monthly annuity payments. Possible asset registration costs, state fees, valuation report fee and the amount of vehicle insurance or motor third party liability insurance are not allowed for in the sample conditions. When leasing is sought, additionally motor own damage insurance and motor TPL insurance have to be taken out. Leasing is provided by Coop Liising AS.