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Dear customer! There is an increase in SMS fraud with fraudsters trying to gain access to the bank accounts of clients. If in doubt, do not open web addresses sent by the SMS. Read more here.

Let us make you positively surprised

We’re offering three banking plans that cover the daily banking needs of different clients.

Free payments, debit card with purchase insurance and free cash withdrawal throughout Europe – these are the benefits we’re offering to our clients.

Answer five questions to find out which banking plan suits you the best!

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I am thinking of becoming a client of Coop Bank because:

Advantages of Coop Pank's plans

  • All Coop Bank cards come with purchase insurance

    Just pay for the purchase using your Coop Pank debit or credit card and your purchase will automatically be covered for 180 days.

    Rahn Rändrahn
  • Payments are free throughout Europe!

    Intrabank and interbank payments, e-invoices and standing orders are all free of charge for our clients. In Estonia and in Europe alike.

    Väikerahn Rahn Rändrahn
  • Free settlements for clients up to 26 and over 55 years of age

    The Rahn plan includes a debit card with purchase insurance, free payments and free cash withdrawals in Estonia and in Europe.

  • Your bankcard is also the Coop store loyalty card

    Lower prices always apply to you at Coop stores if you use our bankcard for payment and you will also collect 10% more bonus points.

    Rahn Rändrahn
  • You earn interest on the money in the account

    Earn 1% interest per year on the money in your bank account with the Rändrahn banking plan. You will earn 0.01% per year with the other plans.

  • We will not charge you if you carry out no settlements in a month

    No monthly fee is charged for the Väikerahn plan, but the principle we apply to the other plans is that you only pay the monthly fee if you carry out settlements.

    Väikerahn Rahn Rändrahn
  • Free cash withdrawals throughout Europe

    The Rahn plan allows you to withdraw cash free of charge from any ATM in Estonia and Europe, and get cashback at Coop stores.

  • Free cash withdrawals anywhere in the world

    The Rändrahn plan allows you to withdraw cash free of charge from any ATM anywhere in the world and get cashback at Coop stores.

  • Deposit and withdraw cash at Coop stores

    You can deposit and withdraw cash at all checkouts in Coop stores free of charge just as easily as in an ATM. And it’s free of charge.

    Rahn Rändrahn
  • No need to save separately for travel insurance

    Clients who use the Väikerahn, Rahn and Rändrahn plans can purchase travel insurance for a year for just €8.90 per month and it will cover you and your family when travelling.

    Rahn Rändrahn Väikerahn

Select a suitable banking plan

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The easiest way to become a client of Coop Pank is to do it online. You can start using the Internet bank immediately and we will post the card to your home address.

You can also open an account at our branches or at the banking points located in Coop stores.

A bank account can be opened for a child from our website, at a branch or contacting with Coop Pank customer support.

You can also get a bankcard for a child who is at least six years old. The main banking services (account, card and payments) are free of charge for children.

You can open a children’s deposit to save money for your children and we offer the best interest rate on the market for it! Coop Pank will transfer 50 euros to the deposit as start-up capital.

Don’t forget to inform your employer about your account in Coop Pank so that they transfer your salary there. You will find the application for changing the account here.

To transfer benefits, pensions or parental benefits to a new current account, change your information on the Social Insurance Board's self-service page. You can also find the necessary forms on the website of the Social Insurance Board. If you wish, you can bring the application to our bank branch and we will forward the application yourself.

The money in current accounts and deposits is guaranteed by the Guarantee Fund, which will compensate deposits to the extent of 100%, but not more than 100,000 euros per depositor in one credit institution.