Coop Säästukaart Pluss

Säästukaart Pluss is a client card with which you can use a monthly payment limit when paying for your groceries. You pay for what you’ve bought the following month on the basis of an e-invoice, similar to electricity and mobile phone bills. As simple as that!

  • Payment limit up to €800
  • Interest-free period up to 40 days
  • Cash directly from the store register
  • Coop loyalty programme
Cash from the store register

You no longer need to search for an ATM or head to a bank branch to withdraw cash – you can do so in any Coop store while doing your shopping!

Amend your limit whenever you like

You can change your card’s limits in our Internet or mobile bank. It only takes a few seconds, and ensures that your limits match your actual needs.

Interest-free payments for up to 40 days

Decide for yourself when and how much of the credit you’ve used you’ll pay back. You won’t be charged any interest if you pay back the amount you spent the previous month by the 10th of the current month.

A smart client card in our app

You can easily manage your Säästukaart Pluss in our app. Download the Coop Pank mobile bank so that you always have an overview in your pocket of your Säästukaart Pluss balance, limits and everything else you need. You can log into the app quickly and securely using biometric identification.

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