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25 000

Monthly payment


The calculation is approximate and may differ from the terms and conditions offered to you. Read the price list and the pre-contractual information.

Getting what you want should happen more often in life. The small loan offered by Coop Pank is an unsecured loan you can use for anything you like! You can purchase some new appliances, throw that big party you’ve been meaning to or use it to cover unexpected costs – the small loan is a versatile and flexible loan that helps you spread large outgoings across a longer period of time.

The small loan calculator helps you find the suitable loan amount and monthly payment. Repayments are fixed for the entire loan period and you don’t have to worry about the changing Euribor. You can also take our useful loan insurance for the small loan, which will give you more reassurance when borrowing and help you if anything unexpected happens. You can find your existing small loan in the self-service.

Interest from 7.9%
Free early repayment
Quick response to loan application
Useful loan insurance

Have you already taken us up on our offer?

Don’t take the first small loan you come across! Ask us for a comparative small loan offer, because that’s the only way you’ll get the loan you need on considerably better terms.

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Loan in three easy steps


Fill in the application form and submit the necessary documents

You can submit a loan application quickly and easily online or at the branches of Coop Pank nationwide.


Sign the contract digitally

If the offer is suitable, sign the contract using your ID card, Smart ID or Mobile ID.


We’ll transfer the money to your account

Depending on your bank, the money will appear in your account on the same working day or the working day after we’ve transferred it.

Become a Coop Pank client!

As an Estonian bank, we want to bring banking services to where our clients are. When you join Coop Bank, you’ll be able find your small loan easily in the online bank and mobile app. We also offer:

  • Free payments in Estonia and Europe
  • Free cash withdrawals anywhere in Europe
  • Debit and credit card purchase insurance
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