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Small loan

You have thought of taking out a loan but have no collateral? A small loan is specifically for you.

An all-purpose bank loan without collateral is suitable for any purpose. An application may be submitted online, at the nearest branch or a bigger Coop Eesti shop.

Interest from


Loan amount up to

15 000 €

Loan term

6-72 months

Answer in a few




... ...


... ...

Apply now and receive the answer
in minutes

74 EUR

The calculation is approximate and may differ from the terms and conditions offered to you.

  1. Application. Complete a small loan application online or at a branch.

  2. Loan decision. You will receive a reply to your loan application within a couple of minutes.

  3. Loan agreement. In the event of an affirmative loan decision, sign a loan agreement. If you applied or a loan online, sign your application using your ID card or Mobile ID.

Further information

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  • without collateral
  • with fixed interest from 12.9% of the loan balance
  • loan amount ranging from 300 to 15 000 euros
  • loan term of 6 months to 6 years
  • agreement fee of up to 2% of the loan amount, a minimum of 35 euros
  • agreement administration fee 1.5 euros per month
  • you are at least 21 years of age and a citizen of the Republic of Estonia, or a citizen of some other country holding a permanent or fixed-term residence permit in Estonia
  • monthly income is greater than 280 euros
  • appropriate payment behaviour

The maximum loan amount depends on the monthly income and obligations of the applicant. In the case of a payment schedule, monthly instalments are distributed equally over the entire loan term.

If necessary, please provide an account statement. We accept a digitally signed account statement for the past 6 months (in the bdoc format) that contains information about all the earnings and obligations. This may be downloaded from the Internet bank of one’s home bank. If an account statement is provided from Coop Pank, Swedbank or SEB, it has to be digitally signed by the bank, in the bdoc format. If the account statement is provided from another bank, the account statement has to be saved in the PDF format and may then be digitally signed using the DigiDoc program. Kindly e-mail the statement to


A loan application may be submitted at all the branches and banking points of Coop Pank and on its website.

To sign the agreement, an identity document (ID card, passport or driver’s licence) has to be provided; the agreement may be signed digitally using the ID card or Mobile ID.

The disbursement of the loan amount may require identification. Identification may be done at the nearest branch or banking point of Coop Pank.

Generally, we will transfer the funds into your account within 1 business day from the conclusion of the agreement and, if necessary, identification. The funds are received in the borrower’s settlement account, depending on the bank, either on the same banking day or the following banking day once a transfer has been effected by us.

Review the precontractual information about the loan agreement.

Once signed digitally, the agreement remains accessible on the portal, from which you can download it to your computer if you wish. A link to the agreement may be found also in the e-mail sent to you when the agreement was concluded. If, however, the agreement cannot be found, kindly contact the nearest branch of Coop Pank.

Loan payments

Monthly, we present an e-invoice, which you can find in the Internet bank of your home bank. The e-invoice is sent automatically to the bank to which your loan amount was transferred. For more convenient payment, we recommend definitely concluding an electronic invoice fixed payment agreement at your home bank. An invoice is considered paid if it has been paid using the right reference number, which you may find in the agreement or on the e-invoice.

Early repayment

The loan may be repaid also before the expiry date of the agreement. For this purpose, kindly submit a relevant request at your nearest Coop Pank branch or e-mail it to

Amendment of the payment date

To change the payment date, contact a bank staff member. The payment date may be the 5th, 10th, 15th or 20th day of the month. The fee for the amendment of an agreement is indicated on the price list.

Grace period

If necessary, a grace period be sought. For this, kindly contact a bank staff member. The length and conditions of the grace period are determined, taking into account the client’s needs and means.

Delay in payments

If an instalment is not paid by its payment date, an SMS will be sent with a reminder to pay. Late payment results in costs, and late interest is calculated on late payments. Costs related to delay in payment are indicated on the price list. If you see longer-term problems with making payments, we advise you to definitely contact the bank in order to find a flexible solution together.

  • fee for the conclusion of an agreement, up to 2% of the loan amount, a minimum of 35 euros
  • agreement administration fee 1.5 euros per month
  • agreement amendment fee 15 euros
  • early repayment
    • 0.5% of the repayable amount if less than 1 year is left until the expiry of the agreement
    • 1% of the repayable amount if more than 1 year is left until the expiry of the agreement
  • late interest rate
    • rate fixed in the agreement
  • debt processing costs
    • reminder sent for having overdue instalments 5 euros

Small loans are provided by Coop Finants AS. Before you conclude an agreement, we advise you to review the terms and conditions of the financial service and, if necessary, consult a specialist.

The annual percentage rate of charge on a small loan is 25.05% on the following sample terms: loan amount € 3000, loan term in months 36, number of repayments 36, fixed interest rate per annum 19.9% as calculated on the loan balance, agreement fee € 60, monthly administration fee € 1.50, monthly instalment € 114.16, total credit amount € 4165.67 and total of repayments € 4105.67.