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Children’s deposit

The children’s deposit is meant for saving money for your child to cover the costs they incur at the start of their independent life or other major outgoings, such as tuition fees at university, the cost of driving school, or the deposit for a new car or their own home.

  • The highest interest. The interest on the children’s deposit is the highest when compared to other deposits – 2% per year.
  • Start-up capital from the bank. Coop Bank will transfer 50 euros to the deposit as start-up capital.


The deposit can be set up by a parent and the deposit ends when the child turns 18. The last chance to set up a children's deposit is on the 15th birthday of the child.

Parents, grandparents, the child themselves and everyone else can transfer money to the children’s deposit at any time and in any amount. At least 72 euros must be paid into the children’s deposit every year. If the deposit has been in effect for at least three years, it is possible to withdraw the amount in the deposit in the child’s 7th, 10th or 15th year in their birthday month without cancelling the contract.

Interest is calculated on a daily basis on the balance in the children’s deposit account at the end of the day. Interest is paid to the children’s deposit once a month.

Take a look at the interest rates, terms and conditions, depositor information sheet and price list.


Children's deposit calculator

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The calculation is approximate and may differ from the terms and conditions offered to you. The interest income from deposits of private individuals will we taxable with income tax.