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Pay safely and conveniently with Google Pay™

  • Add your bank card to the Google Wallet™ and pay with your smart device quickly and conveniently at all vendors where contactless payments or Google Pay are enabled.
  • Google Pay is a quick and safe way of paying in store and online.


          Google Pay and Google Wallet are trademarks of Google LLC.

How to set up Google Pay

Via the Google Wallet app
  1. First check on your phone to make sure NFC is switched on.
  2. Download the app from Google Play. 
  3. Select ‘Add a card or payment method’ or ‘Add to Wallet’ and enter your card details.
  4. Choose whether to have the confirmation code sent to you via e-mail or SMS.
  5. Enter the code correctly and your card will be added to Google Wallet. 
  6. Your card is then ready to be used to make payments with your smart device.
Via the Coop Pank mobile app
  1. First check on your phone to make sure NFC is switched on.
  2. Download the app
  3. Click on ‘Cards’ on the menu.
  4. Select the card you want to use for Google Pay and activate it.


  •  You can use Google Pay anywhere you see that contactless payments or Google Pay are enabled, both in store and online. 
  • Your phone must have NFC switched on if you want to make contactless payments.
  • Hold your smart device against the payment terminal the same way you would when making a contactless payment with a card.
  • You can also use Google Pay in online stores and apps.

You can use all Coop Pank debit, credit and business client cards. Users can add their card(s) to Google Wallet themselves provided they are at least 16 years old.

Yes, since your card details are never saved to your device or in the service provider’s system. Card details are not used when making payments – instead, payments are approved based on the number linked to the device and a unique code generated for that particular transaction. When using Google Pay you can be sure your card details are protected.

The limit is the same as your card’s payment limit or monthly limit. You can check and change these in the mobile and Internet banks.

Google Pay cannot be used for cash transactions in Coop stores, for which you need a physical Coop Pank card. ATMs enabling contactless transactions are as yet unable to be used. This function will be added to our cards for Google Pay in the future.

Unfortunately you can’t yet use your loyalty card when paying with Google Pay in Coop stores – you still need your physical card in order to use self-service scanners and get discounts.

The same rules apply as when you pay with your card.

You can use Google Pay on any Android device that has the Android 5.0 (or newer) operating system. NFC has to be switched on as well.