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Home loan

Getting the home of your dreams is easy with a home loan from Coop Pank. There is no difference whether you need money to build a house, buy an apartment or renovate your home. You don’t have to put the dream of having your own home on hold anymore, because you will get the necessary money from us.

Contact a private loan manager and make an appointment to find a personal solution to your loan requirement.

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The calculation is approximate and may differ from the terms and conditions offered to you.

Really flexible

We will work hard to meet your expectations. We will tailor a solution that meets all your needs.

Accessible everywhere

You can buy a home in any corner of Estonia with a home loan from Coop Pank. It doesn’t matter if it’s located in Võru or Viljandi, on an island or in the capital, you can apply for a loan from Coop Pank anywhere.

Always with you

The loan managers of Coop Pank are always there for you. We are direct and open in communication with you. There is no difference whether you submit the loan application online or at the nearest branch – professional advice is always at hand.

Personal and flexible

We respect your wishes and possibilities. We have the knowledge and willingness to advise you through the steps towards successful conclusion of loan transaction, so that you could start enjoying the delights of your new home.

Apply for loan

Further information

  • The loan amount is €7500 – €500 000
  • The repayment term is up to 30 years
  • The interest rate is from 6 months’ EURIBOR + interest margin 2,1% on the loan balance per annum
  • For a purchase of real estate, the own contribution needed is from 15% of the price of real estate being bought. We also work with the KredEx foundation whose guarantee can reduce the amount of the initial downpayment of a home loan.
  • In the absence of monetary own contribution, additional collateral (real estate, including undeveloped properties) is accepted
  • The immovable property being purchased or renovated usually remains the main collateral for the home loan and is encumbered with a mortgage in favour of the bank
  • An applicant must be an Estonian citizen or a foreign national holder of a residence permit
  • The borrower may not be older than 75 years of age upon expiry of the loan term
  • Borrower’s minimum net income €550/per month in Tallinn and Harju County, €500/per month in Tartu and Tartu County or €450/per month in other areas
  • No current defaults in the payment default register

Documents required for applying for a loan

  • Loan application
  • Passport or ID card (with the residence or work permit) or driving license issued in the Republic of Estonia
  • If needed, a calculation for the use of the loan being sought
    If you wish to apply for a loan for construction work, we recommend examining advice related to house-building matters here.
  • Account statements (income and expenditure) for all existing accounts for the last 6 months as of the day before the application
  • Expert assessment of the collateral, prepared by a real estate firm accepted by Coop Pank

If necessary, the private loan manager may ask questions and request documents additionally.

By taking home loan, it should be taken into consideration that the assets, serving as a guarantee for the loan, should be insured throughout the whole period of borrowing. So your peace of mind is also secured – if something happens, the losses will be compensated and it will be easier to overcome the consequences.

Coop Kindlustusmaakler will make you a quote that matches your insurance interest and the requested conditions.

Submitting an application is easy and we’ll make you an initial offer in one working day.

We’ll always be there for you. In the case of an accident, we will advise you where to go and whom to see, and help you make agreements.

In order to get a quote, please fill in the form on the website, send an e-mail to, or call us on 664 1891.

Coop Pank will add free loan insurance, which is offered in cooperation with If Insurance, to the home loan agreements signed as of July 1, 2019.

Loan insurance gives the borrower an extra feeling of security that the family will not lose the home bought with a loan during any economically different periods that have occurred as a result of unexpected events. Insurance helps if a person has lost the capacity for work as a result of an accident or illness, or if a person has been away from work for a long time due to their own or a child’s illness. In the event of the borrower’s death, insurance will pay the loan balance for 24 months maximum.

Loan insurance is effective for a year and extends automatically for the next period of 12 months. In the case of an insured event, the borrower must inform the bank by sending an e-mail to

In the case of a home loan agreement with several borrowers, insurance will cover a part of the loan payment or loan balance that is proportional to the number of the borrowers. For example, if there are two borrowers, insurance will pay half of the loan payments to Coop Pank if one of the borrowers falls ill.

See a brief summary of the terms and conditions of loan insurance here .

In the case of a loss event, download the notification form here, fill it in and e-mail it to If Kindlustus will get in touch with you and let you know what you have to do next.

In addition to monthly loan repayments, allowance has to be made for additional expenses that result from taking out a loan

  • Fee for the conclusion of the loan agreement
  • Notarial and state fees for the conclusion of a notarised collateral agreement
  • Fee for an expert assessment of the collateral
  • Insurance of the collateral

The property serving as collateral has to be insured for the term of the loan against fire, water-related emergency, vandalism or natural disaster. For insuring assets, we accept all non-life insurance companies registered in Estonia and licenced by the Financial Supervision Authority and listed on the website of the Financial Supervision Authority.

Furthermore, in insurance matters an independent adviser / insurance broker may be contacted to assist with the identification of the insurance best suited for the interests of the policyholder.

Generally, on a home loan interest and principal payments have to be made monthly. The bank withholds these from the client’s account on the dates agreed in the agreement and on the repayment schedule.

Two repayment schedules are available to choose from for the repayment of the loan

  • Annuity schedule, which has the advantage of monthly payments in the same amount but the disadvantage of higher interest costs
  • Schedule with equal principal repayments, which provides the advantage of lower interest charges compared to an annuity schedule yet has the disadvantage of higher monthly payments at the beginning of the loan term

The financial situation may change during the repayment of the loan. For example, in the event of a child born into the family or of loss of employment, earnings decrease. In this case, there is the option of seeking a grace period in the repayment of the loan and pay the bank interest only during that period. The payment break application form can be filled in here.

Furthermore, there may arise the option of repaying the loan early in part or in full. If the bank is notified about this wish 3 months in advance, no additional fee is charged for the repayment of the loan.

The provisional annual percentage rate on a home loan is 3,41% on the following sample terms: credit amount €55 000, repayment over 30 years in 360 monthly annuity payments, agreement fee €192,50, interest not fixed 6 months’ EURIBOR + margin 3,3% per annum (as at 27 January 2021, the 6 months’ EURIBOR is -0,526% per annum; the negative value of EURIBOR is equated to zero when interest is calculated; EURIBOR may change every 6 months), account management fee €0,  total credit amount €87 297,63 and total of repayments €87 100,13.

The rate is calculated on the assumption that the credit amount is used in full immediately and that its principal and interest will be repaid in monthly annuity payments. The rate does not include any expenses related to providing or the collateral. Before you conclude an agreement, we advise you to review the terms and conditions of the financial service and, if necessary, consult a specialist.

For you, a mortgage means that if the loan is not repaid, the bank will be entitled to sell the apartment or house, including the land, owned by you.

If the borrower is not performing their obligations, the bank will contact you and provide you with an opportunity to fulfil the obligation.

By fulfilling the borrower’s obligation, you can prevent the sale of the pledged apartment or house as well as avoid incurring any additional costs or litigation. You are entitled to require the borrower to indemnify any amounts paid by you.

Before you consent to the creation of a mortgage

  • Consider carefully whether you are prepared to risk and give up an apartment or house owned by you if there are any problems with the repayment of the loan.
  • Decide whose and what obligations you are prepared to guarantee.
  • You are entitled to request, from both the notary and the bank, drafts of the agreements to be concluded. When you receive them, review the content of the agreements carefully.
  • Do not hesitate to contact the bank or the notary’s office to find answers to any questions that have come up. Use legal assistance, if needed.

When you are about to sign a notarised agreement

  • Listen to the notary’s explanations very carefully.
  • Do not be hesitate to ask if anything remains unclear.
  • Check to make sure that the agreement states specifically what you have agreed upon with both the borrower and the bank.

Once agreements have been signed

  • Be proactive and take an interest in how the performance of the loan agreement is proceeding. If the borrower does not reply to your questions, make sure to contact the bank.
  • Always communicate any changes in your contact details (address, telephone number or e-mail address). Only in this way you can be certain that the necessary information will reach you.
  • Carefully review any notices sent by the bank and make sure to collect any registered letters.
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The bank usually applied the base interest rate of Coop Pank (KPB) to long-term loans (home loan, mortgage loan) from 1 May 2008 to 18 April 2012.

KPB is quoted and published by Coop Pank on its website every banking day, taking into account money market interest rates and the current state of the economic environment in Estonia and worldwide.

The base rate is more stable compared to individual market interest rates, since it takes into account more comprehensively how the economic environment and interest rates are shaped, follows the market situation at a calm pace and is not swayed by temporary fluctuations in the individual interest rates.

KPB is variable interest. For the client, Coop Pank’s base rate is fixed for three months at a time, changing if KPB has changed during the three months after it was fixed last under the agreement.

Currently, the base rate is 1.20%.

Base rate history

Starting date End date Base rate
07.07.2016   1,20%
18.04.2016 06.07.2016 1,30%
12.02.2016 17.04.2016 1,40%