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How to use Smart-ID?

Step 1: Open the Smart-ID app on your smart device

Open the Smart-ID app on your smart device (click on it) and select "Register". The application asks you to select your country of residence and authentication method (select "ID card").


You must also read and agree to the terms of use of qualified Smart-ID certificates (confirming that you wish to use Smart-ID as a means of authentication).



Step 2: Choose your PINs

You will then be asked to select the PIN codes that you will use in the Smart-ID application. Please note that Smart-ID PINs cannot be recovered or reset, so it is important to choose PINs that are easy to remember and difficult for others to guess. For more information on PINs, see our PIN tips.



Step 3: Continue to register on your computer equipped with an ID card reader

Once the PIN codes have been selected, the Smart-ID application installed on the smart device asks to continue with the registration using the ID card, for which it is necessary to open an internet browser on the computer. Open the website in your browser and log in with your ID card.



Step 4: Enter the required information on the computer

Smart-ID portal ie. The page you just entered will ask you some simple questions. If you answer them, you will be asked to enter the Smart-ID registration code. This code informs you of the Smart-ID application installed on your phone or tablet. The registration code is valid for 15 minutes, so if you cannot complete the registration procedure within that time, you will have to start over.



Step 5: Verify the Smart-ID account on your computer

If the registration code provided by the Smart-ID application matches the one entered on your computer, you will automatically proceed to the next step of registration confirmation. Follow the on-screen instructions and you're good to go! Please note that the PIN codes for your ID card may differ from the PIN codes selected for Smart-ID, so enter the correct codes when prompted.



Step 6: Complete the registration process on your smart device

After confirming the registration on the computer, you will see an invitation to continue the procedure on the smart device. You no longer need a computer to complete the registration process. The last step in Smart-ID registration is to confirm that you have memorized your Smart-ID PIN-1 and PIN-2 codes. If the codes you entered in this step match the codes you selected earlier, congratulations! The Smart-ID application is ready for use!


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You can download the Smart-ID application for free from GooglePlay and AppStore. Follow the on-screen instructions and you'll be ready in a few minutes.

Make sure your ID card is valid and you have PIN-1 and PIN-2 codes.