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Coop wants to bring everyday banking services closer to people, so that life will be good for people everywhere in Estonia. If you’d like to, you can also use our bank cards to pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay, enjoying automatic purchase insurance and the convenience of biometric identification in the mobile and Internet banks.

Open an account, it’s easy!

Identify yourself electronically and open an account in just a couple of minutes!


I grant Coop Pank AS my consent to make queries about me in official databases and to process my data in order to establish a client relationship with Coop Pank AS.

The freedom
to choose
from stores

Coop Pank is Estonian through and through

We help keep every corner of Estonia alive! Everything starts from us.

Everyday banking services are free of charge for clients up to 26 and over 55 years of age

Debit card with purchase insurance, free payments, the best prices at Coop stores and free cash withdrawals from Estonian and European ATMs – all this is free of charge with the Rahn banking plan.

You can also open a current account for your child quickly and easily in the Internet bank or at one of our branches.

Once opened, the account can be used immediately – and provided your child is at least 6 years old, you can even order a bank card for them. To secure your child’s future we also offer the children’s deposit with the best interest rate on the market, to which the bank adds start-up capital of 50 euros of its own.

Coop Pank card – your useful companion

With a Coop bank card, you get discounts and earn bonus points in 330 Coop stores. Make quick and easy contactless payments. You can also use all of our cards for making payments online.

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The freedom
to choose
from stores

Coop Pank´s payback

Pay with your Coop bank card, because every month we will pay one client back all of the money they spent over the month.

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Choose the most suitable plan

The biggest cash network

You can withdraw cash free of charge with a Coop Pank card from all ATMs all over the world. You can also withdraw and deposit cash free of charge at Coop stores.

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Coop Pank's cards include purchase insurance

We are the first bank in Estonia whose private customer cards include purchase insurance. Just always pay with our debit or credit card and all your bigger purchases are automatically insured for 180 days.

Banking plan travel insurance for monthly fee

As an additional possibility, clients of Rahn and Rändrahn banking plan can purchase an annual travel insurance for monthly fee of €8.90. Travel insurance protects you an your family everywhere in the world when travelling. Insurance coverage includes health care, baggage and travel disruption.

Using the Internet bank and mobile bank is easy, it really is!

Keep an eye on your money matters wherever you are. Using the Internet bank and mobile bank of Coop Pank is really easy. Give it a try!

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The easiest way to become a client of Coop Pank is to do it online. You can start using the Internet bank immediately and we will post the card to your home address.

You can also open an account at our branches or at the banking points located in Coop stores.

Read more about transferring your settlement service to Coop Pank.

What is purchase insurance?
Purchase insurance is 180-day insurance cover automatically applied to your larger purchases for which you have paid by a Coop Pank debit or credit card.

Which purchases are covered by purchase insurance?
Purchase insurance applies to every purchase of durable goods* made from a shop or online store that costs €100-2,500. The deductible per each insured event is €30.

* Durable goods are products designed for long-term use by the manufacturer: mobile phones, tablets and laptops, clothes, footwear, electric scooters, precious stones and metals, fur products, paintings, sculptures, etc. For example, used goods, food, motor vehicles, plants and animals are not durable goods. Please note that the maximum indemnity limit for certain goods (e.g. technical equipment) is €500. Read more about the terms and conditions of purchase insurance here.

Does purchase insurance also apply to goods purchased abroad or ordered from an online store?
Yes, just pay the purchase using your Coop Pank debit or credit card and your purchase will automatically be covered for 180 days.

What should I do in the case of an insured event?
As the purchase insurance partner of Coop Pank is IF P&C Insurance AS, please report the insured event* here so we can handle your claim faster. Just write the keyword “Coop” in the policy field.

* Insured event means the sudden and unforeseeable destruction, damage or theft of the insured product. Losing or forgetting a products is not deemed an insured event.

Do I have to keep the purchase receipt to receive compensation in the case of an insured event?
No, a statement from the Internet bank is enough to prove the purchase related to the insured event.

Read the terms and conditions of purchase insurance here.

Parents can quickly and easily open accounts for their children at any branch or in the Internet bank. Such accounts can be opened by parents or guardians, who must present their own ID when doing so. Children up to the age of 15 do not have to have their own ID in order for the account to be opened for them.

You can also order a bankcard for a child who is at least 6 years old. The main banking services (account, card and payments) are free of charge for children.

You can open a deposit to save money for your children’s future: we offer the best interest rate on the market for such deposits, plus we add 50 euros of our own to get you started!

Don’t forget to inform your employer about your account in Coop Pank so that they transfer your salary there. You will find the application for changing the account here.

To transfer benefits, pensions or parental benefits to a new current account, change your information on the Social Insurance Board's self-service page. You can also find the necessary forms on the website of the Social Insurance Board. If you wish, you can bring the application to our bank branch and we will forward the application yourself.

The money in current accounts and deposits is guaranteed by the Guarantee Fund, which will compensate deposits to the extent of 100%, but not more than 100,000 euros per depositor in one credit institution.