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Savings deposit

A savings deposit is a great option for saving money for a holiday trip, renovations, a bicycle or any other good idea, as you can start saving from a small amount.

  • Slowly but surely towards your goal. Start saving from as little as 10 euros.
  • Increase the amount whenever you can. Transfer more money to the deposit at a suitable time and in a suitable amount.
  • A deposit for each wish. You can set up several deposits for various goals if you want. Add names to the deposits to differentiate them (e.g. Holiday) and get a better overview of the money you have saved.


You can set up a savings deposit in euros for 6-24 months. Interest is paid into your account as requested by you – either once a month or on the end date of the contract. The bank will not pay any interest in the event of early termination of the contract.

Take a look at the interest rates, terms and conditions, depositor information sheet and price list.