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Accepting card payments

We offer your company the service of accepting bank cards so that your clients can pay for their purchases quickly and conveniently and the money arrives promptly in your company’s account.

Enter into an agreement now and your first three months will be rent-free!

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Helps boost your turnover

The number of purchases will increase, as paying for them is easy and convenient. The money arrives in the company’s account the next day.

Secure and fast

Accepting card payments is fast and secure. All you need to use the service is a payment terminal and a merchant’s contract.

Less cash

You will no longer have to deal with time-consuming cash settlements or pay for cash processing and transportation.

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Markus Eller
Business Client Manager
+372 664 0778

Erli Listak

Erli Listak
Business Client Manager
+372 669 0970


Ingrid Egorov
Corporate Client Manager
+372 664 0779


Siim Gontmacher 
Corporate Client Manager
+372 669 0991

Alina Bukato

Alina Bukato
Business Client Manager
+372 669 0998

Aleksei Akulistõi

Aleksei Akulistõi
Business Client Manager
+372 664 1871

Ly Stamm
Business Client Manager
+372 664 1889


Free rental of payment terminal for first three months
The payment fee for the first three months of concluding a new service agreement is €0.

  • The campaign will run from 01.05.2021 - 31.07.2021.
  • The campaign applies to new Coop Pank clients entering into a payment terminal agreement for the first time or to existing clients with new sales point agreements with the Estonian branch of Nets Denmark A / S for the first time (Coop Pank's cooperation partner). When entering into a new sales point agreement the campaign applies to a new payment terminal only.
  • The campaign is valid on the condition that the receipts are received in the current account opened with Coop Pank and the card payment acceptance service agreement is not terminated before the 6-month period.

The discount does not extend if:

  • The merchant has valid payment defaults.
  • The need for terminals / services is only seasonal

We offer card payment acceptance services in cooperation with Nets Denmark A/S Estonia branch: You can always easily access card payment statistics and reports in the merchant’s portal of Nets.

The payment terminals we offer support contactless payments. Depending on the company’s needs, we offer two types of payment terminals:

Mobile terminal

  • suitable for fixed or mobile point of sale
  • it can be used all over Estonia, all it needs is a mobile connection

Stationary terminal

  • suitable for fixed location businesses
  • needs fixed Internet connection