Car rental

Want a car but don’t want to take on a binding financial obligation in the form of a loan or lease? We can offer you a convenient car hire service in cooperation with our trusted partners at ABC Rent.

Choose the car you’re interested in for the length of time you’ll need it and we’ll draw up a rental agreement for you in which everything’s included in the price.

Long-term hire

We’ll come up with a solution that meets your needs so that you never have to worry about e.g. getting the car serviced, insuring it or changing the tyres.

No restrictions on the type of car you can hire

With us, you can choose anything you like. We’ll also make you an offer based on a car you yourself have chosen.

Hire period from 2-5 years

Guarantee yourself a great price and a worry-free experience with our hire periods, which can be up to five years.

Downpayments from €0

Don’t want to have to pay too much at the outset? Then make the most of our car hire service, because we offer downpayments starting from €0.

The car rental process


We offer long-term car hire in cooperation with our trusted partners at ABC Rent


Choose the vehicle you’re interested in on the website

If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, we can make you an offer based on a vehicle you choose yourself. Simply send us the car offer.


Select the terms on which you want to hire the car on the ABC Rent website and fill in the form

We’ll then send you an indicative offer within one working day.


If you accept our offer, we’ll ask you to send our car hire consultant any additional information we need


If your application is approved, we’ll send you a hire contract and related documents for you to sign


Next, pay the contract fee


We’ll then agree on the handover of the vehicle


Enjoy being behind the wheel!

Selection of vehicles for hire