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Credit card

More options and freedom to finance day-to-day and smaller expenses.

The credit card is convenient to use for your company’s day-to-day transactions.

Applying for the Credit Card:

1. To apply for a credit card you first need to be a Coop Pank client.

Become a client

2. Submit an Credit Card application.

Submit application

3. Once the application has been received, a bank employee will contact you to agree on the best way to sign the contract and collect the card.

Up to 40 days interest-free

Use a short-term interest-free loan for up to 40 days for day-to-day finances.

Contactless payments

Small card payments quickly and conveniently.

Payments to card account

You can make payments to your card account in cash or by bank transfer to increase the amount of funds.

See the price list

Credit card information

  • The card applicant must be a company registered in the Republic of Estonia or a self-employed person registered in the Commercial Register, which has been in business for at least 12 months.
  • The company’s equity must meet the legal requirements.
  • During the 6 months preceding the application, the corporate customer must have settled their accounts either with Coop Bank or another bank.
  • Credit cards are issued with a limit of €500 to €5,000.
  • There is no limit to the number of cards that can be issued per agreement – all cards issued share a common credit limit.
  • Different limits (daily and monthly) can be set for each card user.
  • The cash limit on the card must not be higher than the monthly limit of the card.
  • The card is issued free of charge and valid for 2 years.
  • The account holder, the card user or a third party may make payments to the card account either in cash or by transfer, thereby increasing the credit limit from own funds.
  • You cannot make withdrawals from your credit card account to a current account or to a third party.
  • The bank will debit annual fee for the credit limit in the third quarter.

Check the terms and conditions of the Coop Bank credit card.

  • A statement of the transactions made with the card in the previous month is prepared by the bank on the last day of the month. For transactions made in the previous month, the bank debits the service fee on the 10th of the following month.
  • Cards linked to the same contract use a single credit limit, as they are linked to the same account, and transactions made with them are listed in a common transaction statement.
  • All Coop Bank cards have the contactless payment option. You can use the contactless option to make smaller payments quickly and conveniently – payments up to €50 can be made without entering a PIN and without inserting the card in the terminal. All you have to do is swipe your card at the terminal.
  • Contactless payments are secure – for security reasons, the bank will sometimes ask you to confirm a transaction with your PIN, even for smaller amounts.
  • You can make contactless payments anywhere, in Estonia or abroad, just follow the contactless payment sign on the terminal. The maximum amount allowed for contactless payments may vary from country to country.
  • The option to make contactless payments can be disabled and enabled on the Internet.
  • Keep your PIN code to yourself – remember your PIN and destroy the PIN envelope.
  • When paying by card, check the amount in the terminal before confirming the transaction.
  • Use trusted websites when paying by card online.
  • If you find transactions you have not made or transactions with an unknown service provider on your statement, close your card and inform the bank immediately.
  • There are no restrictions on withdrawing cash from ATMs abroad, only credit card limits apply.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, immediately block the card in the Internet Bank or call 669 0966.
  • Let the bank know even if you’re not sure whether the card is lost – it can be temporarily blocked.
Annual fee for credit limit 1% of credit limit (min €20)
Monthly fee 3 €
Changing the credit limit 1% of the amount to be changed (min €16)
Amendment of other terms and conditions of agreement 16 €
Default interest rate 0.1% of overdue amount per day, 36.5% per year
Delivery of card by post in Estonia Free of charge
Blocking of card Free of charge
Card payments Free of charge
Coop Sula withdrawal 2.5% of the amount + €1 per transaction
Coop Sula deposit 0.5% of the amount + €2 per transaction
Cash withdrawal from ATM 2.5% of the amount + €2 per transaction


Check the price list of Coop Bank.