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Dear customer! There is an increase in SMS fraud with fraudsters trying to gain access to the bank accounts of clients. If in doubt, do not open web addresses sent by the SMS. Read more here.

Credit card

A Coop Pank fixed repayment credit card gives you more freedom and options for the financing of your day-to-day spending. You can use it to pay for products and services, book hotel rooms, purchase flights, rent cars and more. A credit card is also convenient to use for your company’s everyday transactions. With a credit card you can quickly, easily and securely make payments with the help of Apple Pay or Google Pay.



If each month you repay the full amount of credit you used the previous month, you are charged no interest.

You can link a number of credit cards to one account

Order cards for your employees, selecting the limits and the transactions they are allowed to perform.

Payments to credit card accounts

You can make payments to your credit card in cash or by bank transfer to increase the amount of funds.

Credit card information

Annual fee for credit limit 1% of credit limit (min €20)
Monthly fee 3 €
Changing the credit limit 1% of the amount to be changed (min €16)
Amendment of other terms and conditions of agreement 16 €
Default interest rate 0.1% of overdue amount per day, 36.5% per year
Delivery of card by post in Estonia Free of charge
Replacement of a card before expiry 5 €
Card payments Free of charge
Coop Sula withdrawal 2.5% of the amount + €1 per transaction
Coop Sula deposit 0.5% of the amount + €2 per transaction
Cash withdrawal from ATM 2.5% of the amount + €2 per transaction


Review the terms and conditions and price list of the Coop Pank fixed repayment credit card.

You enjoy interest-free use of your credit card because the entire amount of credit you used in the previous month is automatically debited from the current account linked to your card on the 10th of each month

  • A business registered in Estonia (incl. a self-employed person) which has a current account in Coop Pank and which has been operating for at least one financial year can apply for the card.
  • The credit limit depends on the company’s turnover. We issue credit cards with limits of between 500 and 5000 euros. We only grant a higher credit limit if collateral is provided, in regard to which you must contact your business client relations manager.
  • The share capital or equity capital of the business must be at least 2500 euros or 25,000 euros.
  • Good payment history: neither the company nor anyone linked to is in arrears or has any ongoing credit issues.
  • Having assessed the creditworthiness of the applicant, the bank is convinced that the obligations arising from the contract will be met on the terms and conditions agreed therein.

Required documents:

  • Application
  • Balance sheet and income statement for the current financial year
  • Bank statement(s) of the business for the six months prior to the application being made if the business is not an active client of Coop Pank.
  • The annual report for the previous year in the event that it has not been submitted to the Commercial Register.
  • If you are self-employed, your declaration of earned income for the previous financial year (Form E)
  • Do not share the PIN code of your card with anyone: remember the PIN code and destroy the PIN envelope.
  • When paying with your card, check the amount at the terminal before confirming the transaction.
  • When paying with your card online, use reliable websites.
  • If you detect transactions on your account statement that you have not effected or if a service provider is unknown to you, close your card and notify the bank about it immediately.
  • If your bank card is lost or stolen, close your card immediately in the Internet or mobile bank or telephone +372 669 0966.
  • Let the bank know also if you are not sure that your card has been lost: your card can be blocked temporarily.