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Bank link

Bank link allows the collection of payments from clients on the Internet quickly and securely. You can accept bank link payments free of charge if you choose the Corporate Plan.

The number of Coop Pank’s clients is increasing rapidly and our bank links allows you to offer a convenient payment option on your online store to those who uses the services of Coop Pank every day.

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Bank link is free of charge

Open an account in Coop Pank in order to offer the bank link service. You can open an account with our bank and start using the service free of charge. The Corporate Plan allows you to accept bank link payments free of charge and there is no monthly account management fee.

Helps boost your sales

Bank link payments are easy and convenient, as they allow the client to pay for their purchases immediately. Offering this quick and secure payment solution helps boost your sales and reduces your risks because the payment is made in advance.

Accessible everywhere

Coop Pank helps entrepreneurs everywhere in Estonia. If you need further information about opening an account and our bank link, send an e-mail to or call us on 669 0966.

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More information

The software used by your online shop must be able to compile an electronic payment order for the products selected by the client. The payment order must include the vendor’s digital signature.

To use bank link services, please place the logo of Coop Pank on your website. To save, click the logo with the right mouse button and select "Save Image As ...".

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Review Coop Pank's manual for logo use and price list.