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Info  Dear client, The online bank and mobile app of Coop Pank will not be available for use from 02:00 to 14:00 on Sunday, 24 September, because of scheduled development work. There will also be disruptions in making payments online and authentication via bank link during this period. During this period, it will be possible to make payments with Coop Pank cards in the physical payment terminals of all points of sale and to withdraw cash from all ATMs and the checkouts at Coop stores. We apologise for the inconvenience!

Need a loan for your company to grow? Coop Pank is here to help!

Our financing solutions come tailor-made. We listen to what you need and help you turn those ideas into reality. We promise our clients that we’re always here for them, do what we do quickly and flexibly and come up with solutions no matter how complicated the request. We look forward to working with you to make life in Estonia even better!

Business loans for every purpose

Working capital loans

These loans can give you the injection of finance you need if this is a new direction you’re taking or ensure extra funds when buying in larger, one-off (seasonal) lots of goods.

Investment loans

These loans are ideal for larger-scale projects with a longer payback period, when acquiring assets or when expanding your operations.


Overdrafts enable you to raise working capital quickly and flexibly and make your company more competitive in the process.

Apartment association loans

These loans, with their long term and attractive interest rate, are designed to finance the renovation of an entire apartment building and improve its energy-saving features.

Seasonal work loans

These loans are designed for agricultural producers to allow them carry out springtime planting and meet other seasonal needs.

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Helo Koskinen
Regional Manager of Business Client Financing
+372 525 2905

Villi Hunt

Villi Hunt
Business Client Relationship Manager
+372 5331 5160


Deniss Gorbušin
Business Client Relationship Manager
+372 664 0774


Merit Mängli
Business Client Relationship Manager
+372 664 1886


Dmitri Želnovatõi
Business Client Relationship Manager
+372 669 0935

Kersti Maisvee

Kersti Maisvee
Business Client Relationship Manager
+372 511 9144


Argo Randloo
Business Client Relationship Manager
+372 566 45058

Aleksandr Tšekmazov

Aleksandr Tšekmazov
Trade Finance Manager
+372 669 0992


Deiro Kaju
Business Client Relationship Manager
+372 664 0759


Ervin Jõgi
Business Client Relationship Manager
+372 782 8761


Madis Hünerson
Business Client Relationship Manager
+372 515 2819


Irina Jermolajeva
Business Client Relationship Manager
+372 669 0976

Ligia Tenina

Ligia Tenina
Business Client Relationship Manager
+372 505 7543