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Investment loan

You can use a long-term investment loan for investing in larger projects with a longer payback period, acquisition of fixed assets, expanding the company’s operations or implementation of new production processes.

Flexible conditions

Our financing solutions come tailor-made. We listen to what you actually need and help in every way we can to make it happen.

Here to help

Our Business Client Relations Managers are here to help. Whether you write to us via the Internet Bank or give us a call, professional advice is always within reach.

Available everywhere

Coop Pank is here to help entrepreneurs in every corner of the country. We view Estonia as a land of opportunity – so if you make the most of those that come along, and do things right, success is sure to follow all around.

More information

  • Term of up to 7 years
  • Financing by the bank for up to 80% of the cost of the project
  • The minimum loan amount is €50,000
  • Loan amount is disbursed all at once or instalments into the settlement account of the company at Coop Pank
  • Collateral
    - mortgage over a registered immovable property (built-up registered immovable property, residential property, right of superficies)
    - guarantee by KredEx or MES, commercial pledge over the fixed assets or other movable property, a deposit, guarantee by a private individual or legal person

In collaboration with KredEx we offer an industry loan, the target group of which is the entrepreneurs of the processing industry, mining industry, energy production, transmission and distribution and treatment and removal of waste.

  • Company registered in the Republic of Estonia of a self-employed individual registered in the Commercial Register
  • The equity capital of the company has to meet the requirements set by law
  • Application
  • Financial statements
    - annual accounts for the past 2 financial years (audited accounts if subject to an audit obligation and no accounts have been submitted to the Commercial Register)
    - quarterly financial statements for the current financial year, not older than 2 months
  • Expert assessment of the collateral, prepared by a real estate firm accepted by Coop Pank



Helo Koskinen
Regional Manager of Business Client Financing
+372 525 2905

Villi Hunt

Villi Hunt
Business Client Relationship Manager
+372 5331 5160


Deniss Gorbušin
Business Client Relationship Manager
+372 664 0774


Merit Mängli
Business Client Relationship Manager
+372 664 1886

Irina Jermolajeva.png

Irina Jermolajeva
Business Client Relationship Manager
+372 522 6938

Kersti Maisvee

Kersti Maisvee
Business Client Relationship Manager
+372 511 9144


Argo Randloo
Business Client Relationship Manager
+372 566 45058


Aleksandr Tšekmazov

Aleksandr Tšekmazov
Trade Finance Manager
+372 669 0992


Deiro Kaju
Business Client Relationship Manager
+372 664 0759


Ervin Jõgi
Business Client Relationship Manager
+372 782 8761


Madis Hünerson
Business Client Relationship Manager
+372 515 2819

Ligia Tenina

Ligia Tenina
Business Client Relationship Manager
+372 505 7543

Svetlana Tanina

Svetlana Tanina
Business Client Relationship Manager
+372 5197 1766

Svetlana Szegfü.png

Svetlana Szegfü
Business Client Relationship Manager
+372 528 6718