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Overdraft facility

Short-term loan for the more flexible management of working capital. An overdraft facility helps to handle situations that are more difficult for the company to plan.

  • cover for any unforeseen outlays
  • making up for any shortage of working capital due to seasonality
  • protection in the event of potential delays in the receipt of payments
  • option of flexibly responding to sales growth at the company
  • additional funds to take advantage of special offers when procuring products/services

Further information

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  • maximum limit depends on the monthly turnover of the company
  • term of up to 1 year
  • collateral
    • mortgage over a registered immovable property (built-up registered immovable property, residential property, right of superficies)
    • guarantee by KredEx or MES, commercial pledge over the fixed assets or other movable property, a deposit, guarantee by a private individual or legal person
  • interest is paid only on the amount actually used

Required documents

  • overdraft facility application
  • financial statements
  • annual accounts for the past 2 financial years (audited accounts if subject to an audit obligation and no accounts have been submitted to the Commercial Register)
  • quarterly financial statements for the current financial year, not older than 2 months
  • expert assessment of the collateral, prepared by a real estate firm accepted by Coop Pank

Requirements forthe applicant

  • company registered in the Republic of Estonia of a self-employed individual registered in the Commercial Register
  • the equity capital of the company has to meet the requirements set by law

To apply for a loan

Review Coop Pank's price list.