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What is Coop Pank?

Coop Pank is a new Estonian bank that grew out of Eesti Krediidipank.

The strategy of Coop Pank is based on the integration of banking and retail and the synergy created thereby, which benefits the client, shops and bank alike.

Branches of Coop Pank are located across Estonia. By the beginning of 2018, there will be 14 bank branches, located in county centres and providing the full range of services. In addition to branches, new banking points are being opened gradually, with daily banking services made available at several Coop shops.

The majority shareholder in Coop Eesti is Coop Eesti Group. Coop Eesti, made up of 19 local co-operatives across Estonia, is a shareholder in Coop Pank. Shareholders in the co-operatives are their members, through whom over 80 000 client shareholders across Estonia are shareholders in the bank. Krediidipank is changing its name, since the strategy of its new shareholders envisages synergy between retail trade and banking created in the form of the shared Coop brand.

The daily management of Coop Pank is handled by the Management Board, which includes Margus Rink, Chairman of the Management Board, and Hans Pajoma, Kerli Lõhmus and Janek Uiboupin, Members of the Management Board.

Coop Pank should be pronounced as ‘CAWP PUNK’, and the name is not translated in other languages.



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