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Bank link

Since buying online is convenient, simple and quick, it is becoming ever more popular with every passing day. In order for it to be also secure, we provide a bank link service for receiving payments.

After goods have been selected in the online shop, the client is re-directed to Coop Pank’s Internet bank, where they can pay for their purchases by confirming a pre-completed payment order. The seller is notified about the order immediately after it has been paid for.

Besides, the bank link may be used also by a company to identify clients in the Internet bank based on the security features in use.

Bank link is a quick and secure way of collecting payments

  • easy and convenient for the client
  • works on all smart devices
  • payments are quickly received in the account of the company
  • reduces risks thanks to prepayment
  • secure payment method used ever more widely

For more information, contact us via e-mail or call us +372 669 0966.

Further information

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  • Open an account. Your company must be a client of Coop Pank to be able to use the bank link service. To open an account, please visit our bank office.
  • Submit application. If you already have an account, fill in the bank link application.
  • The software used by your online shop must be able to compile an electronic payment order for the products selected by the client. The payment order must include the vendor’s digital signature.

    To use bank link services, please place the logo of Coop Pank on your website. To save, click the logo with the right mouse button and select "Save Image As ...".

     Coop Pank pangalink

    Bank link vector logo (pdf)

    Review Coop Pank's manual for logo use.

    Service Fee
    Conclusion of agreement Free of charge
    Maintenance fee Free of charge
    Payment fee € 0,15 or according to the contract