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If you’re planning to purchase a new vehicle, machine or piece of equipment for your company, Coop Pank has a suitable financing solution for you. The terms and conditions we offer are flexible, applying for the leasing is easy and professional advice is always at hand.

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Cars, minibuses, vans

You can use our flexible car leasing to buy a new or used car, van or minibus. Select the vehicle and fill in the leasing application online, at a branch of the bank or in the seller’s showroom. If you would like to discuss your options with a leasing manager before you fill in the application, make an appointment and we’ll be happy to advise you. Please send an e-mail to or contact us by phone 669 0937.

Commercial vehicles, machines, equipment

Commercial vehicle and equipment leasing is an easy and convenient solution for you if you’d like to buy new machines or used trucks, trailers, farm and forestry equipment, industrial and production equipment or other special-purpose machines for your company and spread the costs over a longer period. Our leasing managers will help you find the best solution for your company.

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Anna Mineeva

Anna Mineeva
sõiduautod, kaubikud, väikebussid

Merle Lepik.png

Merle Lepik
sõiduautod, kaubikud, väikebussid

Jelizaveta Slessareva.png

Jelizaveta Slessareva
sõiduautod, kaubikud, väikebussid

Kaire Järvamägi

Kaire Järvamägi
sõiduautod, kaubikud, väikebussid

Kaja Kruusmaa

Kaja Kruusmaa
sõiduautod, kaubikud, väikebussid

Katrin Pihl.png

Katrin Pihl
kommertssõidukid, seadmed

Lease amount From €10 000 (incl. VAT)
Interest rate The interest rate is personal, linked to the 6 months’
Vehicle age Not more than 16 years at the end of the leasing term
Downpayment From 0%
Leasing term Up tp 6 years
Insurance Motor own damage insurance is mandatory

Coop Pank’s insurance partners
Agreement fee 1% of the acquisition cost (minimum of €195)

See the price list.

  • Leasing application
  • Financial reports last year's financial report
    - balance sheet and profit and loss account for the current financial year as at the end of the last quarter
    - the decision of the competent authority of the lessee regarding the leasing application and the provision of the guarantee(s)
  • Offering a vehicle (in the case of a used vehicle, if applicable, an assessment report)
  • If necessary, additional documents