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Coop MasterCard Business debit card

Two cards in one – debit card and Coop Eesti client card

  • On any purchases made using the Coop Pank debit card at Coop Eesti shops, preferred client prices apply
  • Contactless payments – card payments in small amounts can be made quickly and conveniently
  • You can use the Coop debit card to also pay online
  • You can get cashback from Coop stores

Further information

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The Coop Pank debit card is automatically subject to the terms and discounts of the Coop Eesti client programme Säästukaart: when payment is made using the card at Coop Eesti shops, client card discounts apply. The client does not have to perform any additional actions to sign up for the client programme.

For details, see the client programme page of Coop Eesti.

All the Coop Pank bank cards have the contactless payment option. Using contactless payment, payments in smaller amounts may be made conveniently and quickly: payments under 25 euros may be made without entering the PIN code or inserting a card into the terminal. All you have to do is wave your card at the terminal.

Contactless payments are secure: from time to time, in the interests of security, the bank requests the confirmation of a transaction also in the case of smaller amounts.

Contactless payments may be made anywhere, both in Estonia and abroad, and you will recognise the relevant terminals based on the marking (on the terminals) for contactless payment. The maximum amount permitted for a contactless payment may vary in different countries.

Set use limits for your card in the Internet or mobile bank: limits may be set for card payments or cash transactions. In addition, it is possible to set a monthly limit applicable to all card transactions. In the interests of security, we recommend that use limits on a card should be set according to the actual use of the card and that they should be as low as possible.

If you are a user of the Internet or mobile bank, you can order your new bank card by post. The card is sent as a non-priority letter. The card and the PIN code are sent to you in different envelopes and on different days.

In order for you to be able to use the card you have been sent by post, you first have to activate it in the Internet or mobile bank (from the Cards menu, choose Activate). If it is an additional card, the card is activated by the account holder. Before activating your card, make sure that both the card and the PIN code you have received have not been tampered with. When activating your card in the Internet bank, you have to enter the last 4 digits of your card. Before using your card, affix your signature on the reverse of your card.

Make sure to contact us if either of the shipments has not reached you or if you have received it, but it has been opened.

  • do not share the PIN code of your card with anyone: remember the PIN code and destroy the PIN envelope
  • when paying with your card, check the amount at the terminal before confirming the transaction
  • when paying with your card online, use reliable websites
  • if you detect transactions on your account statement that you have not effected or if a service provider is unknown to you, close your card and notify the bank about it immediately
  • if your bank card is lost or stolen, close your card immediately in the Internet or mobile bank or telephone +372 669 0966
  • let the bank know also if you are not sure that your card has been lost: your card can be blocked temporarily

Review terms and conditions for Coop debit card.

Review Coop Pank's price list.