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Coop Liising and IIZI begin to work together

From this autumn, there are two Estonian companies, Coop Liising and IIZI Kindlustusmaakler, have begun working together to make life for their clients even simpler and more convenient. First of all, clients of Coop Liising will be able to pick for themselves a suitable offer for vehicle insurance and motor third party liability insurance immediately.

“We see clients’ needs and try to provide relevant solutions. Our clients can now also pick for themselves a suitable insurance offer especially conveniently,” points out Martin Ilves, Member of the Management Board of Coop Liising AS.

Coop Liising provides leasing for both private individuals and companies, and passenger cars, vans and small buses all may be leased. Communication with clients is always customised, and the suitable solutions and terms and conditions are flexible. Since vehicle insurance and motor third party liability insurance have to be taken out for a leased vehicle, this, too, has been resolved conveniently for the client and is available immediately.

Also, both companies attach importance to simple solutions, provided via the website. A leasing application to Coop Liising may be submitted quickly via the website of the bank. Through IIZI, on the other hand, you can quickly compare in one place offers from various insurance companies, both their prices and terms and conditions, as well as buy the suitable offer straight away.

Kaido Kepp, Head of Affinity Business, IIZI, comments: “We are delighted to welcome our new partner, with whom we share several principles. Both IIZI and Coop Pank wish to be near clients in what they do. Apart from the quick solutions online, we also consider it important to be represented in various regions.”


Coop Pank is a new Estonian bank that grew out of Eesti Krediidipank. The strategy of Coop Pank is based on the integration of banking and retail and the synergy created thereby. Branches of Coop Pank are located across Estonia. By the beginning of 2018, the bank will have 14 bank branches, located in county centres and providing the full range of banking services. In addition to branches, new banking points are being opened gradually, with daily banking services made available at several Coop shops; this means the availability and coverage of Coop Pank’s services in virtually every location in Estonia.

IIZI Kindlustusmaakler AS is an insurance mediation company based on Estonian capital, being at the same time one of the first Internet-based insurance service providers. Today, quality brokerage services are provided for both small and big clients through customised solutions and an Internet-based self-service environment. IIZI Kindlustusmaakler AS has been operating on the market since 2000 and as the biggest broker has now reached a market share of 31%. Internationally, IIZI is represented also on the Latvian and Finnish markets. IIZI Group AS employs over 150 people.