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Become a client

Coop Pank wishes to bring daily banking services closer to people so that everyone can enjoy living in any corner of Estonia.
We wish to provide banking services for all in a straightforward and convenient manner and will bring them to Coop shops across Estonia.

Become a client

Why become a client?

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Coop Pank has 16 branches across Estonia providing the full range of services from opening an account to various loan and deposit products. You are welcome to come and visit us any time, both when you have a specific request and also when you need advice or additional information about our banking services.

We are bringing banking services also to Coop Eesti shops across Estonia. Increasingly, banking points and stations are being added to our branches. This way, daily banking services become available at many Coop Eesti shops. We would like to make shops the place where you can also complete simpler banking operations together with a trip to the shop.

At the banking points at the shops of Coop Eesti, daily banking services may be used – to open an account, complete the paperwork for a bank card or a small loan or a Säästukaart Pluss card. At banking points at shops, you are served by trained shop staff; so, do not hesitate to turn to them if you would like some banking services!

At the banking station, information materials are available about our services. At the same time, an application may be completed to open account or receive a small loan. If you place an application inside the mailbox in the station, it will reach the bank, and we will contact you to agree a suitable place and time to sign the agreements.

See where our branches and banking points are located.

The Coop Pank debit card is valid as a client card at Coop shops and make shopping a real bargain.

The discounts under Coop Eesti’s loyalty programme also apply to our bank card, and this way the user gets various discounts on their daily purchases. The benefits of the client card apply automatically when a bank card is ordered and require no separate action.

All our bank cards also feature the contactless payment function. This makes paying for and getting discounts on purchases under 25 euros even more convenient.

A Coop Bank debit card allows you to withdraw cash from:

  • Coop checkouts nationwide
  • The banks of all ATMs worldwide

If you pick the Rahn or Rändrahn plan, you can withdraw cash free of charge according to the terms and conditions of your package.

Banking plan Rahn

You have your two feet firmly on the ground, serene and confident, and nothing can shake you. You have your own personal plan Rahn, which is compatible with your settled nature yet provides just enough freedom. It is a good feeling.

The Rahn plan is suitable for you if you mostly perform your banking operations in Estonia. If you choose this plan, you don’t have to worry that you’ll be charged extra for everyday services.

Banking plan Rändrahn

Whilst you always remain faithful to your roots, you sometimes feel something giving you itchy feet and taking you on a trip. Luckily you have Rändrahn, a plan that never holds you back and instead provides you with the confidence that every time even your most high-flying ideas will become reality.

Choose the Rändrahn plan if you’re active both in Estonia and abroad. The Rändrahn plan is particularly good if you travel a lot and often make purchases online.

How to become a client?

The easiest way to become a customer of Coop Bank is to do it online. You can also open an account at our branches or at the banking points located in Coop stores.

become a client