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Banking plans


1 Preferencial terms for cash withdrawal from ATMs will apply if during two months prior to current month the total amount of card payments in payment terminals of Estonian merchants and cash withdrawals from Estonian ATMs is 200 € as minimum.
2 Termination fee – this fee is payable in case of refusal from the banking plan during first 6 months.
3 Joining fee - bank debits this fee from client’s account on the 10th day of the month following that on which the agreement entered into force. Client does not pay the monthly fee for the month of joining the banking plan.
4 Junior up to 18 years (0 €), Youth 19-25 years (0,99 €), Adult 26-64 years (1,99 €), Senior from 65 years (0,99 €).

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Banking plan Rahn

You have your two feet firmly on the ground, serene and confident, and nothing can shake you. You have your own personal plan Rahn, which is compatible with your settled nature yet provides just enough freedom. It is a good feeling.

The Rahn plan is suitable for you if you mostly perform your banking operations in Estonia. If you choose this plan, you don’t have to worry that you’ll be charged extra for everyday services.

Banking plan Rändrahn

Whilst you always remain faithful to your roots, you sometimes feel something giving you itchy feet and taking you on a trip. Luckily you have Rändrahn, a plan that never holds you back and instead provides you with the confidence that every time even your most high-flying ideas will become reality.

Choose the Rändrahn Plan if you’re active both in Estonia and abroad. The Rändrahn Plan is particularly good if you travel a lot and often make purchases online.

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