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Coop Pank moves its headquarters to the new Skyon business centre

The registered address of Coop Pank and its subsidiaries will change starting on 1 August as Coop Pank’s headquarters will have moved to Skyon business centre. Customer service at the new address, 30 Maakri street, will begin on 16 August.

The new Skyon business centre in Maakri quarter in Tallinn will open in August, its anchor tenant being Coop Pank. Starting on 1 August 2021, the registered address of Coop Pank AS is 30 Maakri street, 15014 Tallinn. The registered address will also change for all the legal entities within Coop Pank AS group, which are on Coop Pank AS, Coop Liising AS, Coop Finants AS, Coop Kindlustusmaakler AS and AS Martinoza.

On 16 August, Coop Pank’s central Tallinn customer branch office, previously located at 4 Narva mnt, will also move to 30 Maakri street. The working hours of the new office are from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday, and it will not be performing cash operations. The Coop Pank’s office which does perform cash operations in Tallin is located in the Magistral Shopping centre on Sõpruse puiestee. Coop Pank’s clients can also conveniently withdraw or deposit cash in all Coop stores across the country.

The corporate customer office at the new address will also open in August, and appointments with corporate clients will be arranged in person. 

Margus Rink, the chairman of the board at Coop Pank, says that moving to larger premises supports the domestic bank’s growth ambitions: “As a domestically owned bank, we have been displaying rapid growth. It was just recently that our client base acquired the one hundred thousandth client, which is the goal we promised to have reached by the end of 2022, but we passed this milestone a year and a half early.”

Rink adds that Coop Pank has been growing by approximately 40% every year since 2017, when it was purchased, and more than 130 new jobs have been created over the four years. “The office space on Narva mnt was becoming tight, and we were looking for a larger, more modern, inspiring and energy efficient work environment that would be conveniently located for our employees and clients. Skyon business centre met the most of our criteria.”

Starting in August, Coop Pank’s headquarters will be occupying the first ten floors of the 26-storey high-rise building Skyon, covering nearly 3500 square metres of office space, which is one third more than the bank’s current main building.

Background information about the Skyon high-rise:

  • To be completed in August, Skyon is the slenderest of all the high-rises in the heart of Tallinn. The tower’s unique façade is abstract in design where transparent surfaces alternate with colour, straight lines with diagonals, and simple elements with complex ones, creating dynamic ripples and inviting all the reflections and light to play on it.
  • The interior design of Coop Pank, the anchor tenant, will feature an imposing rock wall, symbolising the personal banking plan ‘Rändrahn’, which is the Estonian for a ‘glacial boulder’. 
  • The commercial building 95 metres in height has 26 floors, an area of 8400 m2, 2 terraces, 4 high-speed elevators and a public reception area.
  • Skyon is constructed to meet the requirements of the LEED Gold certificate, which means it is highly environmentally friendly. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is one of the globally best known systems for the evaluation of green buildings, providing a framework for constructing health-friendly, highly efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly buildings. The LEED certificate is an internationally recognised label of sustainability.
  • Skyon is designed to promote physical activity. The two underground floors of the building house shower rooms and bicycle storage places, which will make it easier for people to bike to work. Skyon staircases create additional opportunities for fitness. For example, you will be able to walk through all the floors from -2 to 26, using stairs, while the automatic timing system with motivational marking adds to the fun.