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Buy a motor insurance on the Coop Pank website with just a few clicks

Coop Kindlustusmaakler insurance broker now offers a convenient way to buy motor insurance on the Coop Pank website in just a couple of minutes.

A big advantage of buying motor insurance on Coop Pank’s website is that you can compare the prices and conditions of several insurance companies before you sign a contract, in order to choose the most suitable one.

All vehicle owners who don’t have motor insurance or whose policy expires in the next 60 days can compare prices and offers. You have to enter the registration number of the vehicle to be insured to compare quotes. Personalised quotes will then be displayed according to your insurance interest and the requested conditions.

Once you’ve selected the suitable motor insurance policy, you can pay for the insurance immediately on the Coop Pank website. Motor insurance can be purchased for one month, half a year or for the whole year.

The website also offers the option to subscribe to an e-mail reminder when your current motor insurance is about to expire.

Motor insurance is mandatory for all registered vehicles in use that participate in traffic. Insurance helps in situations where damage has been caused to someone else with a car by compensating for the material damage and personal injury on behalf of the insurance user.

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