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The open banking API interface of Coop Pank is open to service providers

The API of Coop Pank is ready for use – we are offering financial service providers certified by the Financial Supervision Authority access to the open banking API interface of Coop Pank.

Companies with checked backgrounds can have easier access to the accounts of the bank’s clients who have consented to this. The services we offer via the API of Coop Pank include offer account information, payment initiation, and confirmation of available funds.

All service providers are welcome to join the open banking API of Coop Pank by registering on the website We have set up a public test environment called Sandbox (, where we give an overview of the options and structure of the API. The test environment is free of charge and you must register to use it.

For the clients of Coop Pank, this means that companies with checked backgrounds can offer their existing and new services to the bank’s clients more easily than before. When a client of the bank gives their relevant consent to the service provider, the latter will gain access to the client’s bank account information and the client will be able to initiate payments from their account in Coop Bank directly from the service provider’s environment.