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Hello, cash!

Coop Bank clearly has the best cash network in Estonia!

We bring everyday banking services closer to people, so that life will be good for people everywhere in Estonia. We want to make access to banking services easy and convenient for everyone by bringing them to Coop stores nationwide.

You can now get cashback from Coop stores. The cashback service makes withdrawing cash as easy as buying goods, only instead of the goods the checkout employee gives you cash.

  • Minimum purchase amount €1. You must make a purchase for at least 1 euro at a Coop store in order to withdraw cash.
  • Cash amount €5-100. The minimum amount of cashback is 5 euros and the maximum amount is 100 euros per purchase.
  • Free cash withdrawal with plan. Cash withdrawal is free of charge with the Rahn and Rändrahn plans according to the terms and conditions of the plans. A service fee of 1 euro is otherwise applied.

  • Please tell the checkout employee you would like cashback before you confirm the transaction with your PIN. The store has the right to refuse cashback if there isn’t enough cash in the till.

    Which stores offer cashback?

    Cashback is available at all 350 Coop stores in Estonia. These stores are marked with the
    Coop Sula label.

    Store map


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    • Can I get cashback with cards bearing the Krediidipank logo as well?

    You can only get cashback with Coop Pank’s card that bear the Mastercard logo. If you’re still using a debit card with the Krediidipank logo, change it for a new card so you can get discounts at Coop stores and make online purchases and contactless payments in addition to getting cashback.

    • Which plan would be the best for me when I live in a region with no ATM nearby and want to take care of my cash needs at the checkout of a store?

    If you don’t use cash every day, but sometimes need it for certain settlements, Rahn is the most suitable banking plan for you. If you often use cash and travel around and would like to benefit from the most convenient cash network in Estonia, we recommend the Rändrahn banking plan. You can read more about banking plans here.

    • Do I see the purchase and cashback amounts as separate amounts in the account statement or are they shown as a single transaction?

    The purchase amount and cashback amount are shown as separate transactions on the account statement.

    • Do I have to consider the limits on my card when I get cashback from a store?

    There are two limits on a debit card: cash limit and payment limit. Cashback is issued at the expense of the cash limit and purchases are covered by the payment limit. Thus, it’s possible that you have enough money on the card, but the transaction is rejected by the bank because you have exceeded the relevant limit. You can change the card limits on the Internet bank and mobile bank, or at a branch of the bank.

    • When do I have to say that I want cashback?

    You have to say that you would like to get cashback before you confirm the transaction with your PIN. To guarantee the best service, you are only offered the option to get cashback if there is enough money in the till.

    • Do I see the cashback amount I’m taking before I confirm the transaction?

    You always see the cashback amount with the purchase amount and the total amount on the screen of the payment terminal before you confirm the transaction.

    • Will I get bonus points for using cashback as well?

    Cashback is separate from purchases and no bonus points are given for it.

    • Does the person at the till see how much money I have in my account?

    The person at the till does not see how much money you have in your account. If you’re not certain and want to make sure that you have money in your account, we advise you to check your account balance before the transaction using our mobile bank.

    • Can Coop Sula cashback be taken with a contactless payment?

    You must always confirm cashback transactions at Coop stores with your PIN. This is necessary for security purposes and to confirm the identity of the card user.